Carpe Run

Seizing the day (and the run) one day and mile at a time!

PR List

5k: 27:53 (Santa Shuffle 5k 12/14/13))

8k: 47:06 (Christmastown Dash 12/2/12)

10k: 57:57 (Chick-fil-a 10k 5/25/13)

14k: 1:19:47 (VIFL 14k 2/9/13)

10 Miler: 1:38:29 (Surf n Santa 10 miler 12/8/12)

Half Marathon: 2:13:18 (Nike Women’s Half DC 4/28/13)

Marathon: 4:49:23 (Yuengling Shamrock Marathon 3/17/13)


One response to “PR List

  1. […] a new PR (29:50) but it was not an officially timed race so I’m going to wait to update the list when I have an official time from a 5k.  I’m so proud of my family for making the effort to […]

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