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Exercising While Traveling and Day 2: Dream or Goal Body

No pictures of dinner last night since I was scrambling to cut the grass and pack my suitcase.  I ate a couple of white meat turkey franks with ketchup on whole wheat buns and steamed peas.  Dessert was a Russell Stover Sugar free peanut butter cup.  We are traveling this weekend and as this is the first weekend since I’ve “gotten back to work”, I’m a little nervous about it!  I don’t know exactly what our schedule will be but I’m hoping to get in some morning runs and do a lot of walking.  We are staying in a hotel with a gym tonight so I hope to use that tomorrow morning and there is something else to be excited about today!  We have a layover at BWI this evening around dinner.  Because I am a freak type A about planning I always check out the airport, food options in our terminal and all that jazz ahead of time.  BWI has the most awesome thing, a new “Cardio Track” in the airport terminal!  It is designed for walkers and has mile marker signs to help know your distance.  This is awesome and you know what I”ll be doing while waiting during our 2ish hour layover.  Here are my  fitness plans for the weekend (hope they pan out!):

Today: 3 mile walk on BWI Cardio Track (as much as time allows!)

Tomorrow: 3 mile run and arms/abs at the hotel gyn

Saturday: Hard 5k at race pace, early AM

Sunday: Easy Run + squats and lunges

 Monday: Hopefully lots of walking!


80 Day Weight Loss Challenge Day 2:

2.  Describe your dream or goal body.

I remember when I first joined Pinterest.  I don’t see this nearly as much now, but when I would peruse the fitness or health pages, I would see TONS of inspirational photos of bodies that women aspired to look like.  Most of them were totally unrealistic and many of them in my opinion, way too “skinny”.  My body is pear shaped so I will always have curves, but skinny isn’t the goal for me anyway, I want to be fit.  When I think of my dream body, it is still feminine and curvy but toned.  I don’t want to be a body builder either by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I think I have the time or discipline to do so, but somewhere in between.  I think a picture will do the best at describing what my goal body would be:




 I think this chick looks great!  I don’t think I will ever get THAT ripped unless I work my ass off but she appears to be a little bottom heavy like me and definitely is not a rail.  I like that when you look at her body your first thought isn’t that you could break her in half, in fact it is the opposite!  She could probably kick my ass 😉


Cheers to the weekend, which starts for me today (sorry everyone).  I’ll be popping in with brief posts when possible to do my daily weight loss challenge and update on eats/workouts during the weekend!



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80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Do I have a ton of weight to lose?  Not really.  But I’m looking for motivation and consistency so I thought this would be a fun way to stay focused by doing something/asking a question each day that is thought provoking and motivating.  Insert 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge, which I originally found on this awesome chick Daryl’s tumblr.  It has been posted all over and it’s something I feel I can post each day for the next few months and have a little fun with.  Without further ado, Day 1:

1. Write your current stats: height, current weight and goal weight. Why are you losing weight?

I haven’t weighed this week, but last week showed 158lbs, 5’8”.  I have been bouncing around a lot lately.

Goal Weight = 145, I think I can be really happy here.  My lowest so far throughout my weight loss was 151, and I was loving it!  145 is right in the middle of my healthy range.

Why am I losing weight?  This could get deep!  As I’ve discussed on this platform before, I’ve struggled with weight and healthy eating pretty much my entire (not long) adult life.  I had these issues as a child also, in that I ate pretty unhealthy, but they didn’t present themselves until I got old enough for the weight to start packing on.  I’ve already lost between 20-30 pounds from my highest weight, but I want to reach goal and stay there as part of a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve made so many great changes in my life but I still find myself slipping as we all do back to bad habits every once in a while.

More than anything I want to feel as great on the outside as I do inside.  I already consider myself to be a very confident person and I think that shows, but I want to be the best I can be, especially at this point in my life.  These are more selfish reasons, but I am addicted to running, and I compete with myself on a ridiculous level.  Losing that last 10-15 pounds will definitely help my race times and push me to be better, stronger, and healthier.

I also want to be a good example for people I love and care about as well as complete strangers if I can do so, and showing others that this is possible, even those last few pesky pounds, can help me do that I think.

This was fun! I am looking forward to completing all 80 days and hope that I can stick to it!  I had fun making a healthy dinner last night and got fancy with salads.  I wish I had taken a picture of Ben’s because I definitely worked harder to surprise him and make it look pretty, plus his had a few extras that mine didn’t like avocado and egg crumbles (I prefer mine on the side) but these chef salads were delish!  One of my favorite easy summer meals.   Lighting was low so this picture isn’t the greatest…

Baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cukes, baby bellas, chicken, turkey bacon and boiled eggs with light honey dijon on the side

Baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cukes, baby bellas, chicken, turkey bacon and boiled eggs with light honey dijon on the side

After dinner we fired up the grilled and grilled a couple of peaches! I didn’t take pictures but I grilled 5 minutes on each side and drizzled with honey and cinnamon and they were a delicious way to enjoy dessert. I feel great this week getting back into a healthy routine and I’m determined to continue 🙂

Random side note, for some reason I have always been afraid of cottage cheese.  If I’m honest, I had never tried it but the thought of it freaked me out for some reason.  I’ve been struggling with trying to get protein based snacks in and I knew the dreaded cottage cheese would be a great source, so I bit the bullet this week:

Insert scary jaws music

Insert scary jaws music

Verdict, I like it!  Nerd that I am, I researched ways to eat it first and what tastes best and there are so many ideas out there!  Savory sounded better than sweet to me to start with and so far I have enjoyed with tomato chunks and sliced cucumbers, both of which I liked.  Tomorrow I will try with pineapple or peaches and see how that goes.  Yay for trying new things!

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Race Recap: Yuengling Shamrock Marathon 2013

I know it has been 3 months, but I am SO excited to do this race recap!  I don’t have as many pictures anymore as I wish I did but I love talking about this race weekend and all the awesome things it holds for me.  I have to preface by saying that Shamrock weekend is by far my favorite race production I’ve participated in thus far.  That’s not saying a WHOLE lot since I haven’t done huge races in a lot of other towns, but it is pretty daggone top notch.  Shamrock was my first half marathon in 2011 and it holds a place in my heart for that reason too.  Plus the weather is always great and it’s pancake flat, what’s not to love???!


Starting from square one, emails leading up to this race are great and very informative.  They send out newsletters beginning in the fall with race information, tips, news, etc.  I like that they keep me focused on my goal throughout the training season.  Before the expo they send out race bib emails with numbers and corral information which makes packet pickup a breeze.  Speaking of the expo and packet pickup, I find all of J&A races’ to be convenient and fun, but that is my opinion.  Shamrock’s expo is held Thursday (I think?) through Saturday at the Virginia Beach Convention Center which has plenty of free parking and is right off the interstate.  I did take pictures of the expo, but they were misplaced sometime between March and now…opps.  But there are always a good smattering of the usual suspects.  Plenty of shopping and free crap you will throw away in two weeks, if you are into that sort of thing.  I always get excited about the free stuff until I realize how much I don’t need it.  I bought a shirt from Raw Threads this year that I actually wore for the marathon.  I never do that but I really liked their shirts a lot!  It ended up working out well and being super cute, I also got lots of compliments and shout outs on the course with it on 🙂

Nerdy pre race pic

Nerdy pre race pic

The swag for this race, and all J&A races, is always great in my opinion. We received a long sleeved tech shirt, bag, and personalized bib. Shamrock is big on finisher items, and they don’t disappoint. The medals are always awesome, and this year’s special item was a soft fleece blanket that had everybody stoked and I was happy to wrap myself in after I finished and went from hot to sweaty and freezing.



Going back a bit, the half marathon starts at 7:00, which trust me, is brutal if it is cold, but the marathon doesn’t start until 8:30. I really like the marathon start time since it gives me more time to sleep and not have to eat so early. I like to have time to eat and…ahem…digest/empty my stomach etc. It goes without saying that the start is always super organized and the corrals are perfectly spaced. It definitely makes running any other large race pale in comparison.

The after party is stellar. Irish stew + the usual after race snacks + 4, yes you read that right…4 Yuengling beers.  That is actually pretty ridiculous but I was able to share with my supporters, so that was cool.  There was no way I was drinking even a full beer after a marathon, but that’s just me.  They also have cookies but I usually don’t even want to look at them after….shocker.

Blurry up close of the medal, which is large and yes, a beer opener also

Blurry up close of the medal, which is large and yes, a beer opener also

My Race

I think I am still glowing from this year’s experience.  This runners high is lasting so long, I am getting ready to sign up for marathon #2 for 2013.  I know I usually say I will only stick to 1 a year, but this was THAT good.  Apparently last year I blurted I would never do another one after finishing, but this year I was all smiles and ready to do it again.  Hmmm amazing was training does!  Feast your eyes on a comparison, last year at the finish v. this year approaching finish.  Both super unattractive but it proves my point:

Clearly dying

Clearly dying (2012)

Stoked! (2013)

Stoked! (2013)

Miles 1-6 were a breeze I think.  I was feeling great and really confident with my choice of attire.  It was threatening rain all morning and around 45 degrees at the start, but I knew I would get hot and just wore a toss windbreaker and cheap gloves.  The windbreaker was dunzo at mile 2 and the gloves came off at 4.  I don’t remember my splits off hand, but I know I was on pace to PR for sure IF I kept it up.  I reached the 7 mile mark in 1:07.

Miles 7-13, also not bad.  I was getting really nervous because right after the half mark is where I took my first gel and had the bathroom incident that really slowed me down, but I saw my cute friend Lauren who ran the half and her sister, and that gave me a jolt that re-energized me for a few miles, which was great because we were headed for the long haul down Shore Drive.  My 13.1 split was 2:11.

Miles 14-20.  This was the toughest section for me last year.  I struggled to 19 and then had to walk run the rest last time, so that was a mental block for me.  I was still struggling this year at this point, but I knew my training had me prepped and I used that as my mantra to push on.  I got past 20 without walking and I knew there was no turning back.  I thought I had an 18 mile split somewhere but can’t find it, but the thing was, I knew I was rocking it at this point.  Many people hate this part of the course, but I like the serenity of the base and love the lighthouse!

Small sliver of lighthouse in the corner

Small sliver of lighthouse in the corner

Miles 21-26, it was go time. I was determined not to walk at this point, and by some miracle, I didn’t. Shout out to some random dude on the last stretch down Atlantic, we basically paced each other and ran side by side. We never spoke, but we were definitely helping each other hang in there. After the finish line I looked for him to say thanks, but he disappeared into the crowd. I had lots of people try to get me to drink their beer on that last stretch, but I told them it would be my reward for finishing! I loved that my shirt got me lots of healthy encouragement along the way. At this point I was delirious I guess and made all kinds of ridiculous gestures and signs to the photogs. When I saw my family on the boardwalk, I was feeling golden. Finish in 4:49:24.  Nearly an hour off of last year’s time, and well under my goal of breaking 5.  I couldn’t have been more on cloud 9 than that moment.

Post race badassness

Post race badassness

I enjoyed that beer I worked hard for, well half of it anyway, and then went home and had a couple of harps and made my parents and Ben cook me the most random recovery meal, Ham, Potatoes and Cabbage, and rolls.  I wanted to feel St. Patricky lol.

Sweet victory in the finishers tent

Sweet victory in the finishers tent

I can’t say what the future holds, but I will run this race as long as I am able. I love everything about it and it is hard to beat the organization and hard work that go into this race. Other fun weekend facts, the 8k on Saturday is super popular and fun as well. I usually know people running so I hang out and the after party is always just as kickin on day 1. The live music is stellar, and the atmosphere is spot on.

Glad to finally get this out, and looking forward to a sweaty run and RPM class at the gym this afternoon. Getting back to healthy habits by staying accountable, getting sweaty, and posting my meals again! Last night’s dinner, BLT’s and sweet potato tots for the win, always with greens 🙂



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Letting Go of the Little Things Hurts the Big Picture

There are lots of reasons I stopped blogging for a while, but the title of this post pretty much sums up the result.  Over the past three months I have experienced SEVERAL triumphs, so it hasn’t been all bad, but I’ve let go of a lot of the little things I used to do and it is hurting my fitness and my physical health.  Emotionally and socially I am doing great, but the balance is starting to tip because my performance and fitness are not where I hoped/wanted/thought they would be in the summer months, which is June, which, newsflash, is NOW.

I have a lot to go back and rehash from the spring, and I will during the next week.  I ran the marathon, and my PR list (that I have been updating) is the spoiler alert, but I’d like to flesh it out for my own memories.  I completed my first triathlon, and boy was that an experience.  I had a great spring race wise, but in other areas, not so much.  Since it is June and I wanted to do this at least semi-annually, I’d like to jump back on the train by going back to my annual goals and seeing where I stand:

  1. Run 1,000 Tracked Miles in 2013. Currently sitting at 421.7….Mileage really dropped off after the marathon and I’ve got a LONG way to go.
  2. PR in the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k Distances.  CHECK, Check, Check, Check.  🙂  More deets to come on these!
  3. Eat MORE Fresh Fruit and Veggies.  Holding on pretty well on this one, but I can always improve, especially at breakfast!
  4. Take a Class in Something New.  Yikes, haven’t done this yet.  Is it silly that this seems like it will take a lot of courage?
  5. Be Green-er.  Failing miserably.  Haven’t been using my fabric bags or my produce bags!
  6. Sign Up for a Triathlon!  Done AND completed!  Details to follow of course!
  7. Purge Unnecessary Crap.  Ongoing process, but not doing too bad! Recently cleaned out of office!
  8. Stick to Weekly Budgets.  Holding this one down, but I never downloaded an app.  Still old fashioned paper and pen.

I’m pretty happy with this list!  I need to do something new for myself for sure, so I need to get serious about that.  There is no excuse for the green resolution, that one should be easy.

Little things I’d like to get back into doing this month and into July:

  • ALWAYS packing and planning my lunch and snacks
  • Being active whenever possible, including breaks and lunch breaks at work and in the mornings before work
  • Weight lifting consistently, have to do it!
  • Weighing regularly
  • Posting here, in a non-pressure doing it for myself not on a schedule sort of way

Be back later in the week with some important race recaps and usual things I used to post, including my current training and race schedule!  Happy Summer!

Summer is for beach running

Summer is for beach running

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How the Treadmill….Helped My Running???!

This post is blowing my own mind, but first, Tuesday night’s dinner.  It was delicious as leftovers for lunch yesterday too!

Baked Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with BBQ Sauce and Provolone with Asparagus and Red Potatoes

Baked Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with BBQ Sauce and Provolone with Asparagus and Red Potatoes

This meal was super easy to make and satisfying.  It packs a lot of flavor punch while keeping the calories in check.  We use boneless skinless chicken breasts, slices of ultra thin provolone cheese, and turkey bacon.  Potatoes and Asparagus are both roasted in a bit of olive oil and salt.  Easy peasy!

Anyway, what I’m about to say is something I never imagined saying out loud in print…EVER.  It’s like when my sister and Mom claim that I said I never wanted to run another marathon right after I crossed the finish line last year….did I really say that?!   You can definitely quote me on this one….the treadmill has VASTLY improved my running this training season.  My dear dear frenemy the DREADMILL has become a close buddy of mine.  How this has happened I’ll never know, but I’m glad we are friends now.  I wouldn’t even mind inviting one into my home in the future….wishful thinking!  Here are some ways I think FOR ME, the treadmill is helpful:

  1. It helps me pace myself at a more steady speed.  When I used to run long distances, I would start out at a good speed and then fizzle out near the end and run REALLY slow miles.  I was able to maintain a relatively steady pace and average 9:55 per mile for the entire 18 miles + at the 30k a few weekends ago.  I NEVER would have been able to do it last year and I think my treadmill running had a lot to do with that.
  2. Mental toughness.  Because I hated running on one so much, doing longer runs on the treadmill really made me more mentally tough.  Enough said.
  3. Fartlek runs. I do random speed work during my treadmill runs by sprinting the commercials on my iPad shows, which are always random.  They don’t come at regular intervals and aren’t always the same length (25-110 seconds long).  I think this work helped amp up my speed a lot!
  4. The treadmill simply made winter training work for me.  One of my biggest downfalls last year was that I didn’t see the treadmill as an option, especially not for longer runs.  This year I sucked it up and did each scheduled run, even the long ones, on the treadmill if the weather outside was iffy.  I let the sun going down early last year keep me from longer Thursday night runs as well but doing them on the treadmill this year helped my training immensely and also made my Saturday long runs SO much less painful.

Speaking of painful, I’ll be back in the stairwell today at work for another round of working out.  Just in case you were wondering, here is the beautiful stairwell I use for my workout:

Dingy says it all.

Dingy says it all.

At least it is well lit albeit non-natural lighting? There is a bright side to everything….pun intended. Tonight is my very last Thursday night longish run on the treadmill before the marathon and I’m a little sad! I’d like to cheer myself up and start Thursday off right with this picture of my beautiful boy who got his hair did yesterday.


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Workout at Work or Anywhere Stairwell Workout

The great thing about stairwells, they are everywhere!  Sometimes after sitting at my desk all morning I just need to move and break a little bit of a sweat at lunch! I only take a half hour for lunch and I tested this one out yesterday and it took around 12 minutes with little to no breaks.  You could stretch it out with a few seconds in between each exercise.  For this workout I used one “flight” of stairs, which is two sets with a landing in the middle.  My set has 12 stairs in each segment for a total of 24 stairs, and it gets me plenty winded!  You could do a longer set if you wanted to lengthen it out and pump up the cardio.  Doing sprints every few exercises keeps the heart rate going throughout!

Stairwell Workout

A few explanations:

  • Step Ups are done by standing on the landing and placing one leg two or three steps up. Each rep involves bringing the opposite leg to that step and then back down for ten reps. Side step ups are the same concept, but standing with your side facing the stairs. One foot goes two or three steps up parallel to the stairs with the other on the bottom, driving through the top foot to bring the bottom even and back down for each rep.
  • I do push-ups on an incline, placing my hands on the top landing of the stairs and my feet three to four stairs down (I’m tall!). Same position for planks with knees to elbows.
  • Dips are done similar to push-ups and planks, only reversed! I sit on the top step, extend my legs down a few steps until comfortable, and dip down keeping my elbows straight behind me.

This workout leaves me a little sweaty, but not so much that I can’t quickly dry off with a paper towel in the bathroom before heading back into work.  I sometimes follow up with a brisk walk around the block.

**Disclaimer, I am definitely not a personal trainer and all exercise programs should be discussed with a doctor before beginning!  I’m just a girl who likes to find creative ways to workout 🙂

Workout: 4 miles (Treadmill) + 20 minutes elliptical + abs


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Weekend Weigh-In and Mo Veggies Please

Happy Monday morning….or not.  Trying to be optimistic about the week here!  I’ve been blissfully ignoring the scale lately and it is certainly starting to show.  I did a lot of dumb things over the past few weeks eating wise and I’d like to share, but first here is today’s number:

scale 3-4-13

Not too bad, but definitely creeping back up, which is obviously the wrong way.  Basically, I think I can blame a number of different things for this.  A) The bulk of my longest runs were in the past few weeks and I was insatiable hungry all.the.time.  Not an excuse to go crazy though! B) I tried to do a “cleanse” that turned out all wrong.  After seeing/reading lots of good things about Advocare on different blogs, I thought I might give it a try.  I was super skeptical of the products (and any like them for that matter) but I started seeing it crop up on blogs I consider trustworthy and gave the Herbal Cleanse a try.  I’ll be honest, I did all the recommended eating and followed the nutrition to a T and had to quit on day 4.  The fiber drink was awful, the horse pills I had to take at night made me gag and literally throw up in my mouth once, and I felt like ASS the entire week.  I had horrible headaches at work and random moments of nausea.  Without giving TMI, I also didn’t have a…ahem…movement for 4 days!  I did some research online and Advocare claimed these could be normal side effects of the “toxins” leaving your body, but I just couldn’t function at work or feel good enough to get in good runs, so I quit.  Anything that puts me THAT out of wack just isn’t worth it for me.  By the way, I boomeranged after that and ate like I just came out of starvation.  Weight gain source #2! C) I just like food, a lot and tend to swing back to old habits and get carried away sometimes.

All that said, I’ve made a commitment this week to getting back on track and making my body happy.  No more restrictive eating, just giving myself what I want and staying close to my goal intake for the day with lots of fresh fruits and veggies!  I already eat pretty healthy at meal times and take in 100-120 oz of water a day anyway, so why I thought I needed a cleanse to fix me I’m not sure.  I just need to buckle down and go back to doing what worked for me when I lost the weight in the first place and what always works without fail, eat right and work hard at the gym!  Rocket science, yes I know.

I also challenged my parents, sister, and aunt to start making this commitment with me this week.  We’ve all gotten a little complacent with our eating and the cold weather has been keeping us indoors, and we have to change that!  We all weighed in together yesterday to start the week with accountability.  I made myself this big old omlette blob of eggs with lots of veggies towards my goal of eating more of them, and we also had a great meal last night that was full of them!  We made Skinnytaste Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Broccoli Slaw and they were delicious!  The burgers themselves had shredded carrots and onions in them which you hardly noticed but added extra veggies to the meal.  The broccoli slaw on top, roasted sweet potato wedges and giant salad on the side pumped up the nutrition too.  It was a super satisfying and filling dinner I’m looking forward to enjoying leftovers of today!

1 egg, 2 whites and red peppers, green peppers, tomato and spinach

1 egg, 2 whites and red peppers, green peppers, tomato and spinach (beautiful blurry shot)

Buffalo Turkey Burger with Broccoli Slaw, Roasted Sweet Potato, Salad & Beer

Buffalo Turkey Burger with Broccoli Slaw, Roasted Sweet Potato, Salad & Beer

I’ve been keeping up with Bodypump and can definitely tell a difference in my arms especially! I also got my first swim workout in for the week and man, it really takes it out of me. I’ll finish off today with a photo of Halligan sitting on our couch like a human with demon eyes. He is so lazy, but a stunner none the less.

halligan human

Workout: 4 miles (Treadmill) + Abs

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I’m Not Dead and….It’s March???

February came and went!  Lots happened and I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner to make sure I’m getting all my last training in (the bulk of which is now done!) and keeping up with school work, which unfortunately turned out to be much more time consuming than I thought.  Instead of going over it all, I’ll recap with a few pictures I’ve had laying around:

Super fun ski weekend with my boo!

My slope buddy

My slope buddy


Fresh snow and mountain sunrise


how you should start your weekend…carb load


and chocolate loading

please take your crock pot skiing.  8 hours on the slopes = dinner.

please take your crock pot skiing. 8 hours on the slopes = dinner.

then you have the energy to go back out and night ski

then you have the energy to go back out and night ski

and if you're lucky your husband knows how to make fire

and if you’re lucky your husband knows how to make fire

...and have dessert (hot toddy not pictured)

…and have dessert (hot toddy not pictured)

my lonely skis on an empty slope, hitting it early for freshness!

my lonely skis on an empty slope, hitting it early for freshness!

some sexy snowboarder I met...

some sexy snowboarder I met…

why he would hit the slopes with a dork like me...unsure.

why he would hit the slopes with a dork like me…unsure.

the brunch every session should conclude with....breakfast nachos??!

the brunch every session should conclude with….breakfast nachos??!

We had a great time skiing and eating, and skiing, and drinking and eating. Please check out Devil’s Backbone brewery for the food and brew if you are ever up near Wintergreen…phenomenal.  It was February, so Valentines Day happened.  I had a romantic 9.5 mile date with the treadmill followed by pizza and wine with my honey at home!  I also made him a special Valentines Day breakfast.

Pinterest has turned me into a weirdo...

Pinterest has turned me into a weirdo…

In other Valentiney news, I ran the Virginia is for Lovers, and as indicated by the PR page, crushed last year’s (and Ben’s last) time! My training this spring has paid off and it is showing. I wanted to do a full race recap but it just aint happening this month folks.



I also ran my final Distance Series of the winter and it was also a great success! It was cold and rainy but around 200 runners still showed up and made it happen for a 20 or 30K! The 30K distance was my best ever, keeping my pace under 10 minute miles throughout. I feel super confident and ready to race at Shamrock after that run. What didn’t excite me was what happened after. The bouncing for 18.something miles plus rain and wind ended with a ponytail that completely matted and hair that looked like this:

Nappy as hell is all I can say...

Nappy as hell is all I can say…

Ben combed my hair out for almost 1.5 hours…HUSBAND OF THE YEAR AWARD! I want to keep up with monthly goals, so although I still won’t be around much for the next few months, lets revisit February’s goals:

1.  Complete at least 1 swim workout per week Yikes!  I got in two all month….

2. Run at least 115 miles Only got in 100, but they were productive ones!

3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables Stellar on this one

4. Lose around 4 lbs (closer to final goal!) Still working on this…have to find a good hunger from running balance!  Didn’t gain though!

5. PR at Virginia is for Lovers 14k

6.  Clean out 3 dresser drawers I did this!!!!

I also signed up for my sprint tri, so I’m on my way towards completing that resolution!  Now I just need to get on those swim workouts….

March Goals

1.  At least 1 swim workout per week…a MUST!

2.  Run 80 tracked miles (marathon recovery!)

3.  Lose 3 pounds and keep progressing towards goal

4. Run Shamrock and PR!

5.  Weight Train 2x per week

6.  Reorganize Closet

7.  Create system for household chores (this sounds dumb, but I get behind!!)


Here’s hoping for a more productive month that doesn’t fly by quite so quickly!  I’m going to try and be more consistent here, at least twice per week for now but I have to keep my priorities in line 🙂

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February Goals and 1st Vacay of 2013!

So cliche, but where did January go again?  It has been a bit of a whirlwind of a month but lots of great things happened!  I didn’t officially talk about goals for the month of January since I was busy being a resolutionary but I can look back and see how some of those resolutions are coming along based on January activities.  I talked about 8 Resolutions and I can honestly say that in January, I made solid progress towards all but one.

I ran a grand total of around 107 miles this past month!  That is definitely the most miles I’ve ever run in a month and I’m thankful that I’m finally training the right way and staying dedicated.  I’m thankful for the Chilly Challenge for helping me stay motivated!  Another challenge coming up in February 🙂  I’d say I’ve made a good dent in the 1,000 miles I want to conquer this year.

I PR’ed in the 5k distance on New Year’s Day, so I can cross .25 off my list of distances to PR in this year.

I have been using fruits and veggies as snacks more and more and feel like I’m well on my way to making it a habit!   I need to take more pictures so I can remember what I’m putting in.

I haven’t taken a class in something new YET, but I have done some research.  I found a sushi making class I really wanted to take but it was already full 😦  I’m thinking of another cooking class of some sort and will definitely be looking into other things as well in the coming months.

Being green….I think I used my fabric produce bags at least twice this month out of 4 grocery trips so I’ll call that progress.  I only forgot my fabric shopping bags once because it was an impromptu trip.  Recycling has been as usual and I’m TRYING to use less paper towels.

I haven’t signed up for my first triathlon yet but I’m pretty set on which one I’ll try!  It will be in early April and I have a few other short distance ones later in the summer I’m eyeballing.  I’ve also started planning swim workouts for the coming weeks.

Purge unnecessary junk….um haven’t done it.  I’ve been riding around like a hobo with a bag of clothes we packed up in my car for 3 weeks that just needs to be dropped off at Goodwill so I’ll call that a loss…..

Finally budgeting for the week.  I think I’ve been rocking this pretty well!  Still haven’t had the time to sit down and transition to an app but will do soon.

All that said, here are February’s goals:

1.  Complete at least 1 swim workout per week

2. Run at least 115 miles

3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

4. Lose around 4 lbs (closer to final goal!)

5. PR at Virginia is for Lovers 14k

6.  Clean out 3 dresser drawers

Looking forward to checking these off (hopefully).  In other news, I made one of my new favorite dinners for when Ben is at work.  I made a simple tuna salad with pickles and light olive oil mayo (I was out of avocado!) and put it on an english muffin with thin provolone and spinach.  Sadly I didn’t have tomato slices which would have made this 10x better.

Dinner for one paired with steamed dijon carrots and spinach

Dinner for one paired with steamed dijon carrots and spinach

It was a super satisfying dinner that I followed up with a spoonful of natural crunch peanut butter, mi amore. Last night after I crushed a 9 mile run at the gym my amazing man, who just so happens to moonlight as a professional omelet maker, made me the best omelet I’ve ever hand, hands down. Filled with grilled ham steak, roma tomatoes, red onion, spinach, and shredded cheddar. 1 egg and 2 whites, just the way I like it, can’t forget the salsa!

Amazing Omelet with Frozen Thawed Strawberries/Blueberries

Amazing Omelet with Frozen Thawed Strawberries/Blueberries

Can we talk about these berries for a second? I froze them in the fall and they are so delish. Am I the only one who thinks still half frozen berries are the best? We went out to run errands for our much anticipated Wintergreen weekend of skiing and snowboarding so naturally we had to swing by Sweet Frog for froyo. I intended to take a photo of the deliciousness that ensued but I just had to dig in and forgot. I tried a new flavor, low fat fudge brownie batter, on top of my usual cake batter and topped with chocolate sprinkles and mini m&m’s. Had to keep it simple people. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and here’s to hoping I don’t do any crazy stunts on the mountain!

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A Not the Weekend Weigh In

First things first, dinner last night was lazy, quick and easy but pretty good!  I had bought a frozen Stouffers Chicken and Rice with Vegetable bake a while back for nights when Ben may or may not be eating at home so I could pop it in the oven or keep frozen if we didn’t need it.  I baked it last night and rode my elliptical/watched Monday’s episode of the Bachelor while I waited for Ben to arrive. Before I went home to cook dinner, I also hit up a 5 mile run during which NONE of the pain from Monday’s run resurfaced and I felt awesome.  I conquered a new bridge I haven’t done before and got to the top at the peak of sunset!  It was beautiful and as much as I wish I had taken a picture, I was too lazy to take my phone out of my armband plus I was trying to pay attention to oncoming traffic.

Chicken and Rice Bake with Side Salad

Chicken and Rice Bake with Side Salad

I followed dinner up with a delicious Navel Orange that was super juicy.  Getting to my weigh-in, which as mentioned yesterday I did not do this past weekend, it went really well!  I weighed in this morning before an early spin class and the scale blessed me with this number:

Gotta paint those toes ASAP

Gotta paint those toes ASAP

This number means I managed to kick 2 more pounds but the downside is that i am .7 lbs away from my Dietbet goal and getting my winnings for the month of January! I still technically have until Thursday night for the final weigh in but I’m not sure if I’ll make it. Again, regardless of the outcome I am just happy to have been motivated by this challenge and lost a few pounds towards my final weight loss goal! The ladies (and guys) were great about posting and sharing motivation and I think this is a great way to lose weight if anyone is interested. I would recommend it and Roni is starting a new game on Thursday if anyone wants to join!

Speaking of challenges, the Chilly Challenge I’ve been participating is also coming to a close on tomorrow.  It has been super fun and motivating and helped me to get outside those nights when I wanted to stay bundled up on my couch!  I’m closing in on 100 miles which will also help me reach my monthly goal, which I’ll talk about more in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone has a lovely day, I’m hitting the gym again tonight for a short run and Body Pump….two a days baby!

Workout: 50 Minute Group Cycle, 3 Mile Run (Treadmill), Body Pump