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It’s Okay to Miss a Run and Days 33-38

on August 6, 2013

First things first, I have to rave about last nights dinner and consequently, the leftovers I had for lunch today.  It is no secret that I love Skinnytaste recipes, I mean seriously, they rock.  I try to find recipes all over the place but I am always coming back to her site when I want something different and flavorful.  9 times out of 10 she has made a skinny version of what I’m looking for and it is excellent!  We were craving fresh crab cakes this week, and while normally we buy them from the butcher/seafood counter at the store already made, I wanted to make my own.  Enter these delicious bad boys:

Skinnytaste Baked Lump Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Chipotle Lime Sauce (not pictured) plus Wild Rice and Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Skinnytaste Baked Lump Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Chipotle Lime Sauce (not pictured) plus Wild Rice and Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

They were SO divine.  I can’t wait to make them again for company.  Speaking of company, I thoroughly enjoyed cooking for my former roomies last week, and we had a great time catching up and hanging out.  It is ALWAYS so great to see them!  I grilled some chicken and pineapple, put together a quick salad and baked some sweet potato wedges.  Easy peasy!


Flashback to last week’s post, when I was tasked to try a new fruit.  Since Lauren and Emary were over, I decided they could try with me muahaha.  I shopped around the exotic fruit section and came across Guava, which the description listed as “Guava pulp may be sweet or sour, tasting something between pear and strawberry, off-white (“white” guavas) to deep pink (“red” guavas), with the seeds in the central pulp of variable number and hardness, depending on species.”


It also said something about honey.  I was sold, and it smelled so good!  In my mind after that description I was expecting a sweet tasting fruit.  I cut it up after dinner and brought it out to give it a try.

Looks like baby watermelons

Looks like baby watermelons

I was hoping Emary, who is of El Salvadorian decent, would have tried it before since she has had a lot of different tropical fruits. I wasn’t so lucky, and it was an adventure for all of us.  I googled after tasting, and it was recommended to try them with vinegar or even soy sauce.  Many people supposedly eat them with salt and pepper.  We tried it all ways and the common consensus was that while we didn’t hate it, it was weird and we didn’t love it either.  The seeds are SUPER hard and really couldn’t be chewed either, but you felt awkward swallowing them LOL.  Anyway, apparently guava is better used for a base for fruit juices or smoothies.  The verdict, tried a new fruit (YAY!), better luck next time (BOO), haha.

Sunday’s scheduled 10 miler….did not happen.  I was too set on relaxing and just being lazy and hanging out for the day, and I also ate like it was my last day for meals on Earth.  I wanted to beat myself up for missing it, but I was basically okay and decided it wasn’t the end of the world.  I can pick back up with a 10 miler this weekend along with scheduled speed work, and my 11 miler isn’t until next weekend anyway.  Crisis averted. Sometimes you just have to chill out and not let the training stress you out!



Quality Nephew time :)

Quality Nephew time 🙂

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 33: Are you on a diet or are you making this a lifestyle?

I guess technically right now, I am on a diet.  I already make a point to eat healthy foods and move my body, so that is my lifestyle now.  I drink water like it is going out of style on the regular, and I don’t think that is ever going to change.  I am focusing on a certain weight loss goal right now and being extra careful to meet my calorie goals, so I think that qualifies as a “diet”.

Day 34: Do you take your meals from home to work? If so, what do you usually prepare?

Yes!  Every day.  I think I’ve posted about taking lunch to work before.  I always take leftovers from dinner if we have them first to make sure they are used up.  If we don’t have leftovers, it is usually a big salad with chicken or turkey, cottage cheese, yogurt, and carrots or cucumbers.  I rarely make sandwiches but sometimes get in the mood for them.  I also do tuna with crackers from time to time and lots of soup when it gets cooler.

Day 35: Have you ever fasted? What was the reason for it?

Once, for a church thing, but that was symbolic and in support of world hunger, not because I just felt like not eating food for a while.  I don’t doubt that there are healthy ways to fast, but it just isn’t for me.  I get really grumpy when hungry, and tend to go off the deep end when I finally get my hands on food, so it is NOT a good thing for me to try or make a habit of.

Day 36: Write your current weight. Have you lost anything in the past week? If not, what are your plans for this week?

159.0.  I slipped up a lot last week, and was lucky to lose any at all!  I did lose .2 and I am now exactly on track for my vacation goal, no more wiggle room y’all!  My plan for this week has been cracking down on unnecessary snacking and sweets and hitting the gym hard.

Day 37: Have you ever purged? If so, how did you feel afterwords?

I am glad to say no on this one.  I will be 100% honest and admit and there were times in college when I ate something disgusting or way too much and thought about it, but I could never do that to my body and the thought repulses me now for sure.  I realize that this is a serious problem many people deal with, so I won’t go on about how disgusting it is but I am thankful I’ve never been plagued with the issue.

Day 38: Have you ever binged? If so, what is your binge food?

Honestly, yes.  I know everyone has different definitions of binging but I have on multiple occasions eaten ridiculous serving sizes of not healthy foods (or healthy ones too) even when I wasn’t hungry.  I am a stress eater, and I’ve also noticed that for some reason I feel that sometimes I have to finish something that I really don’t need or want to.  This is something I still struggle with and I am working on.  It feels so good when I take control and remind myself that I don’t need that (blank) or any more of (whatever) and I lock the self control down.


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