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Catching Up: Days 18 – 26

on July 25, 2013

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 18: Try to use as little salt as possible today or maybe even none! Don’t buy microwave meals and don’t eat foods high in sodium.  Day 18’s total sodium intake was (estimated) around 1800 mg….opps!  That sounds pretty bad but I guess it isn’t awful.  I try to be mindful of sodium intake and it is definitely something I monitor on my food logs.  I don’t usually eat frozen meals anymore so that is one big plus.  Soup days always get me because canned soups (which I love when it is cold…or when it isn’t) are often full of sodium.  This particular day’s biggest offenders were the pre-packed Mediterranean salad I had for lunch which contained 700 mg of sodium and the cottage cheese for my afternoon snack at 440.  According to this article from the CDC, the average American consumes a whopping 3,436 mg a day, so I guess comparitively speaking I am doing okay!  The maximum recommended daily allowance is 2,300 mg while 1,500 mg is sufficient for most.

Day 19: Are you losing weight the healthy (<2lbs/week) or the unhealthy (>2lbs/week) way?  Healthy!  My goal is to lose 2 lbs per week until vacation for a total of 10lbs and then slow down to 1 pound a week until I’ve reached ultimate goal.  It would be virtually impossible for me to lose more than 2lbs a week anyway, I would have to literally starve myself!

Day 20:  Who is your biggest weight loss inspiration and why?
I really struggled with this question.  Many members of my family and I worked to become healthier together, so maybe we inspired each other?  I am always inspired by stories of successful weight loss, from people who lose a ton of weight to those like me who finally learned how to make it work for good!

Day 21:  Do you focus more on getting “lean and mean” or “tiny and fragile”? The terms “tiny and fragile” make me think of a little old lady.  Who would have that goal?  I think this question is weird but maybe that’s just me.  Lean and mean fo sho!

Day 22:  Write your current weight. Have you lost anything in the past week? If not, what are your plans for this week?
Oh Sunday morning weigh-in, I’ve been waiting for you.  I actually did really well last week but not as good as I could have.  I expected to lose 1 lb instead of 2, but was SHOCKED by what the scale said.


I refused to believe that I lost that much weight (4 lbs) so I ran to my other scale to get a second opinion.  The physical scale usually weighs 2 lbs heavier than the Wii, and its voodoo magic told me I weighed 161.2.  WHAAAAAT?  Don’t know what I did last week but I think maybe it was all the sweating from the intense heat.  I’ve also been walking at work during lunch again.  My plan for the upcoming week is to keep eating healthy, meeting my calorie goals, and staying on track for vacation weight loss!  I think things may balance out some this week.  I celebrated my Sunday morning weigh in with a delicious pancake breakfast 🙂

Egg Whites & Chicken Sausage + Whole Wheat Pancakes

Egg Whites & Chicken Sausage + Whole Wheat Pancakes

Day 23:  How much water do you usually drink in a day?
My goal each day is around a gallon, or 128 oz.  I almost always meet this goal on the weekdays as I am really good about constantly drinking at work.  Some of my coworkers think I am funny for having so many different water bottles/vessels.  The weekends I really have to stay on myself when I am go go go!  I sometimes drink more (closer to 150 oz) if I am sweating or exercising a lot.  I also eat a lot of hydrating fruits and veggies.

Day 24:   Have you ever had an eating disorder?
Although I haven’t always had healthy eating habits, I don’t believe I’ve ever had an eating disorder.  Even when I’ve been stuck in a rut of bad eating, I always have the ability to make changes and get back on track and I think that is part of the difference.

Day 25:    Today you will try a new smoothie. Find a new healthy recipe online and mix & match fruits and veggies and enjoy! But it must be totally new and adventurous!
I didn’t do this yesterday, but I would like to this weekend!  I guess I am lazy in that I am always in a hurry to and from work and other activities and dragging out the blender is annoying.  I do enjoy smoothies but only usually make them on the weekend.  I will concoct something and post it soon 🙂

Day 26:    Do your friends know about you wanting to lose weight? Do they support you? I know this is a weight loss challenge, but I would say most of my friends know about my commitment to a healthy life style, not just losing weight.  Although I am trying to get to final goal, I am more interested in making these choices a lifestyle.  I can say that I have a lot of support, but there are always temptations or those who will say “it won’t hurt you” or “just skip your morning run”.  I know they don’t mean to bring me down or discourage my goals, but it is always my responsibility to do what I need to do for my health anyway.

Off to do some speedwork and Body Pump, which should be interesting considering I haven’t been in a month!  I’ll leave you with some recent summer eats!  Clearly we love the grill 🙂

Skinnytaste Naked Turkey Bruschetta Burgers

Skinnytaste Naked Turkey Bruschetta Burgers

Favorite Summer Salad Combo

Favorite Summer Salad Combo

Winner Winner, Steak and Grilled Brussels Sprout Dinner!

Winner Winner, Steak and Grilled Brussels Sprout Dinner!


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