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Day 17 and Summer Running Fun

on July 16, 2013

Summer running….fun?  It can and so far, has been!  I’ve read an article in a few places lately that talks about how long/how many runs it takes outside in the summer heat for your body to acclimate.  I think the past two summers of my running adventures I have given up before I gave my body that chance, and I’m doing my best to push through this year.  I can honestly say after two long runs and many weekly runs outside, I am feeling much better already!  This afternoon the heat index is above 100 but I am ready to tackle a fun run at Norfolk Botanical Gardens!  I’ve been doing the Tidewater Striders Summer Series (with my Dad and sister this year, YAY!) and we have a 1 mile random relay scheduled tonight.  They pair you up with 2 other randoms, and you relay for a mile each!  So fun 🙂  Last week was 4, 2, or 1 mile countdown with the goal of everyone finishing at the same time.  You would start your distance (4 for Dad and I) when the clock is at a point in the countdown where it will be at or near zero when you finish.  Dad and I finished within 5 second of zero, SO cool!

Last night’s dinner thrown together by my amazing husband!  Cheese tortellini with red peppers, turkey sausage and edamame seasoned with fat free Italian dressing.  So easy and filling paired with fresh spinach!

dinner 7-15

We followed up with a nice 8 mile bike ride around town and then the Homerun Derby!


80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 17: Do you have a special event/date you want to lose weight for?

Vacation is in 5 weeks!  Although that is definitely in the back of my mind and I would love to feel confident while frolicking on the beach, and I really just trying to get these last pounds off and keep them off, forever!  I’d love to be at goal for my big fall races as well!


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