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Days 10, 11 & 12 and Holy Speed Work!

on July 15, 2013

Way behind on blogging but I wanted to get this post up that was started last Thursday!

Oh hey speed work….I finally got with the program (literally) and did some speed work as scheduled last night.  Ben and I did 400 repeats together, aiming for 2:00 per repeat.  We came in under each time with the fastest at 1:53.  This was extremely hard for me and I was spent after each repeat but it also felt so good!  Ben mentioned that it hurt but it was a good hurt, and I totally agree!  Speed work makes you feel like you want to die in the moment but 30 seconds later you feel like an animal.  In a sick way, I can’t wait to do them again this week.

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 10: Do you count calories?  If so, what is your daily limit?

Yes!  As I’ve mentioned before, I use Livestrong MyPlate to keep track of my daily intake.  I find that at least for me, this is the best way to see what I am eating and also the breakdown of carbs/protein/fat I am consuming.  Right now my calorie goal falls right around 1400 each day.  I don’t always eat back my exercise calories but if I am hungry and I have them to spare, I will!

Day 11: Cook a healthy meal for your entire family.

I didn’t do this yesterday but I am planning to do it Friday night! I’ve already picked out a recipe and I’m looking forward to doing this one!  Will post about it over the weekend.

**Edited to add, I made Skinnytaste Chicken Enchiladas, a favorite for Ben and I, for my parents and sister.  I served with a fresh romaine and pepper salad and a little bit of beans and sour cream!



Day 12: What is your least favorite type of cardio?

I don’t have a type of cardio that I hate anymore (used to be running!) but I would have to say at least right now that swimming is my least favorite.  This is mostly for selfish reasons because I’m not good at it YET.  I am thinking of taking some coaching sessions to get better and make this a favorite type 🙂


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