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Days 8 & 9, Summer Training Schedule and Weighing In

on July 9, 2013

**Posted a day late, didn’t post last night for some reason!

So as promised I weighed in on Sunday and it was NOT pretty.  I can’t say I am surprised based on my down tick of summer training runs in the heat and my out of control eating habits.  I’ll get straight to the weigh-in facts in Day 8 of the 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge.  After Thursday’s poor 5k performance I was determined to get my training runs in no matter WHAT.  I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and rocked out a slow but enjoyable 3+ miles.  It felt good to slow down, not look at my watch and just listen to morning sounds and relaxing music.  We also randomly did a 13.1 mile bike ride Friday night, so my legs were happy to run slow too.  Sunday morning 7 miles were on the docket.  I met up with Dad and Rachel for the first few miles and finished the remaining 4+ on my own.  I managed to run past my elementary, middle and high schools so that was fun and a good distraction from the heat.  It felt great to get that over with early and enjoy the rest of my day.

For Rock n’ Roll training this summer I am trying out the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Training Program.  This program goes beyond just finishing and starts to incorporate speed work, which after week four I’ve neglected to do….welp.  I am turning that leaf over this week and conquering some speed work on Wednesday as scheduled!  It also has two days of strength training built in which I think is really important and often overlooked in other plans.  Monday’s are stretch and strengthen days so I would ideally lift on Mondays.  I was planning to do arms and abs today but it is going to be just abs because I literally lifted parts of giant trees in our yard yesterday morning and my shoulders and arms are screaming at me today!

80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 8: Write your current weight.  Have you lost anything in the past week?  What are your plans for this week?

I don’t think I’ve lost anything but my mind.  Seriously thought, I weighed in on Sunday and got a big fat 165.  Up almost 15 pounds since the marathon!  I couldn’t even bring myself to photograph it.  Anyway, moving on and moving forward.  Making changes through getting on point with my training and tightening WAY up on eating.  I’m still eating like I’m running 40 miles a week and it ain’t workin!

Day 9: What is your favorite type of cardio?

First inclination is to say running but indoor/outdoor cycling is a close second!  I may just be saying that because we are in the dead hot of summer 😉


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