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Days 3 and 4: Getting Back into Routine

on July 3, 2013

Yikes!  I obviously didn’t get around to posting the way I intended to this past weekend, but that’s okay because I had a great time traveling and hanging out with family!  Fitness goals for the weekend went as follows:

Today: 3 mile walk on BWI Cardio Track (as much as time allows!) DONE!

Tomorrow: 3 mile run and arms/abs at the hotel gym DONE!

Saturday: Hard 5k at race pace, early AM NOPE, but LOTS of walking and stairs

Sunday: Easy Run + squats and lunges NOPE, but LOTS of walking

Monday: Hopefully lots of walking! YES!

We got to BWI for our layover to Buffalo, NY at our scheduled time and I went right to work on the Cardio Trail!  It wasn’t as sophisticated as I thought it would be, more or less just marked signs that said “Cardio Trail” on them, no mile markers or anything like that.  I still think it is a great idea since it at least gives people the idea that they could walk between flights instead of just sitting and waiting, and encourages activity!  I actually ended up just walking all three terminals that were past security 3 times at a very brisk pace.  I know people thought I was crazy as I kept passing the same ones, but it didn’t matter and I got a great sweat going!  I also went up and down stairs at each end when possible.

Large sign at the end of the terminal, the back says, "Great, now turn around and go back!"

Large sign at the end of the terminal, the back says, “Great, now turn around and go back!”

I used my timer on my iPhone to track how long I walked and based on my pace, which was basically as fast as I could possibly walk without running or running people over, I think I probably did a little more than 3 miles.


We got into the hotel in Buffalo pretty late, but I still hopped up at 6:00 ready to hit the hotel gym.  It was not very impressive but did have two treadmills that did the job.  The speed kept decreasing to zero every once in a while which was SUPER annoying but I finished my miles before meeting Ben for breakfast.  I would have loved to have explored and ran outside, but it was pouring out and continued to do so all day on Friday.

Treadmill Love, don't mind my sweat on the machine

Treadmill Love, don’t mind my sweat on the machine

From there, we went to Ben’s grandparents town to stay and I had no gym access and was at the mercy of the weather and finding creative ways to be active. My original plan was to run early Saturday morning, but it was still raining really hard and we were meeting for breakfast at 6:00 anyway, so time just didn’t allow. I ended up walking a lot Saturday anyway at the Lockport Arts and Craft Fair, as well as helping lift and move things. Ben’s family and family friends have been putting on this fair on Main Street for many years and it was fun to see all the work that goes in and be a small help to them! Ben and I also checked out the Eerie Canal locks and did lots of stairs and walking. Good thing, because BOY did I eat a lot as well 😉

Sunday morning’s wake up call was a bit later with breakfast at 7:00, but I’ll be honest, I just didn’t have it in me at that point to get up early, run, and then shower and be at breakfast at 7:00. Ben and I helped set up for Sunday’s fair, and then headed off to Canada to sight see at Niagara Falls! We had a great time and definitely did a lot of walking.

Sexy Poncho

Sexy Poncho

Monday was more delicious food and then getting on the plane to head home.  Some of the amazing Western NY foods and fair foods I ate included Beef on Weck, great Greek and Italian food, fresh cut fair fries, a giant blooming onion fried in front of my eyes, Canadian beer flavored ice cream, cannoli and cream puffs, and a white hot.  Had to have the requisite Buffalo Wings while in Buffalo to top it off.

Wings + Beer = MFEO

Wings + Beer = MFEO

I’m going to try and get back on schedule by combining two days on the 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge:

Day 3: Is your Goal Weight in an “unhealthy range of BMI?

First, I have to say something I think many of us know, BMI is not the end all be all for all body types, but it is a good start.  For a woman of my height (5’8”), the healthy BMI range is generally 125-160lbs!  That is pretty shocking because I cannot imagine looking healthy at 125lbs on my frame.  My goal of 145 is right on the high middle end of that scale, so I think it would be a great weight for me.  I’ve spent most of my adult life on the high end with a BMI of 26 or slightly higher, meaning I was slightly overweight (healthy BMI is 18.5-25).  My current BMI is around or just under 24.

Although I try not to focus on the hard math too much, I think this question is a good one for someone trying to lose weight to consider.  We have to put our goals into perspective and make sure they are reasonable and attainable before working towards them.  Many people pick a number they want to be because it sounds good, but it all depends on your height, body type, and any number of other factors.  To many people my goal of 145 may still sound high, and I’ve experienced that, but for a person of my height it is a great weight for me.

Day 4: Have a vegan day today.  No meat, no eggs, no dairy, no animal products whatsoever.  Give it a try!

Okay.  I wanted to be a good sport and give this a try, but I’ve decided not to for more than one reason.  First of all, I don’t necessarily agree that a vegan diet is inherently healthy, or that it can help with weight loss.  Since that is the point of this challenge, I don’t think that it’s necessary.  I seriously considered doing this, and I started off simply thinking of what I could eat for breakfast.  All things that came to mind were carb heavy and offered little in the way of the amount of protein I like to eat in the morning, or throughout the day for that matter.  I realize there are ways to get protein in while eating vegan, but they are often costly and not worth the splurge for a day of trying it out.  I actually looked up a lot of vegan breakfasts and saw lots of oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, and  fruit dishes that sounded great, but again weren’t what I look for nutritionally.  I’ve done the vegetarian thing before and know from that experience that it is in no way by itself a recipe for weight loss.  Giving this one a great deal of consideration, but choosing not to follow through!

Ready for an Independence Day 5k in the morning, and super excited that this year I get to run with my Dad!!!


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  1. Just wanted to share my hiliarious blog with a fellow traveler. Hope you enjoy mine as much as I have enjoyed yours.

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