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Exercising While Traveling and Day 2: Dream or Goal Body

on June 27, 2013

No pictures of dinner last night since I was scrambling to cut the grass and pack my suitcase.  I ate a couple of white meat turkey franks with ketchup on whole wheat buns and steamed peas.  Dessert was a Russell Stover Sugar free peanut butter cup.  We are traveling this weekend and as this is the first weekend since I’ve “gotten back to work”, I’m a little nervous about it!  I don’t know exactly what our schedule will be but I’m hoping to get in some morning runs and do a lot of walking.  We are staying in a hotel with a gym tonight so I hope to use that tomorrow morning and there is something else to be excited about today!  We have a layover at BWI this evening around dinner.  Because I am a freak type A about planning I always check out the airport, food options in our terminal and all that jazz ahead of time.  BWI has the most awesome thing, a new “Cardio Track” in the airport terminal!  It is designed for walkers and has mile marker signs to help know your distance.  This is awesome and you know what I”ll be doing while waiting during our 2ish hour layover.  Here are my  fitness plans for the weekend (hope they pan out!):

Today: 3 mile walk on BWI Cardio Track (as much as time allows!)

Tomorrow: 3 mile run and arms/abs at the hotel gyn

Saturday: Hard 5k at race pace, early AM

Sunday: Easy Run + squats and lunges

 Monday: Hopefully lots of walking!


80 Day Weight Loss Challenge Day 2:

2.  Describe your dream or goal body.

I remember when I first joined Pinterest.  I don’t see this nearly as much now, but when I would peruse the fitness or health pages, I would see TONS of inspirational photos of bodies that women aspired to look like.  Most of them were totally unrealistic and many of them in my opinion, way too “skinny”.  My body is pear shaped so I will always have curves, but skinny isn’t the goal for me anyway, I want to be fit.  When I think of my dream body, it is still feminine and curvy but toned.  I don’t want to be a body builder either by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I think I have the time or discipline to do so, but somewhere in between.  I think a picture will do the best at describing what my goal body would be:




 I think this chick looks great!  I don’t think I will ever get THAT ripped unless I work my ass off but she appears to be a little bottom heavy like me and definitely is not a rail.  I like that when you look at her body your first thought isn’t that you could break her in half, in fact it is the opposite!  She could probably kick my ass 😉


Cheers to the weekend, which starts for me today (sorry everyone).  I’ll be popping in with brief posts when possible to do my daily weight loss challenge and update on eats/workouts during the weekend!




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