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80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

on June 26, 2013

Do I have a ton of weight to lose?  Not really.  But I’m looking for motivation and consistency so I thought this would be a fun way to stay focused by doing something/asking a question each day that is thought provoking and motivating.  Insert 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge, which I originally found on this awesome chick Daryl’s tumblr.  It has been posted all over and it’s something I feel I can post each day for the next few months and have a little fun with.  Without further ado, Day 1:

1. Write your current stats: height, current weight and goal weight. Why are you losing weight?

I haven’t weighed this week, but last week showed 158lbs, 5’8”.  I have been bouncing around a lot lately.

Goal Weight = 145, I think I can be really happy here.  My lowest so far throughout my weight loss was 151, and I was loving it!  145 is right in the middle of my healthy range.

Why am I losing weight?  This could get deep!  As I’ve discussed on this platform before, I’ve struggled with weight and healthy eating pretty much my entire (not long) adult life.  I had these issues as a child also, in that I ate pretty unhealthy, but they didn’t present themselves until I got old enough for the weight to start packing on.  I’ve already lost between 20-30 pounds from my highest weight, but I want to reach goal and stay there as part of a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve made so many great changes in my life but I still find myself slipping as we all do back to bad habits every once in a while.

More than anything I want to feel as great on the outside as I do inside.  I already consider myself to be a very confident person and I think that shows, but I want to be the best I can be, especially at this point in my life.  These are more selfish reasons, but I am addicted to running, and I compete with myself on a ridiculous level.  Losing that last 10-15 pounds will definitely help my race times and push me to be better, stronger, and healthier.

I also want to be a good example for people I love and care about as well as complete strangers if I can do so, and showing others that this is possible, even those last few pesky pounds, can help me do that I think.

This was fun! I am looking forward to completing all 80 days and hope that I can stick to it!  I had fun making a healthy dinner last night and got fancy with salads.  I wish I had taken a picture of Ben’s because I definitely worked harder to surprise him and make it look pretty, plus his had a few extras that mine didn’t like avocado and egg crumbles (I prefer mine on the side) but these chef salads were delish!  One of my favorite easy summer meals.   Lighting was low so this picture isn’t the greatest…

Baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cukes, baby bellas, chicken, turkey bacon and boiled eggs with light honey dijon on the side

Baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cukes, baby bellas, chicken, turkey bacon and boiled eggs with light honey dijon on the side

After dinner we fired up the grilled and grilled a couple of peaches! I didn’t take pictures but I grilled 5 minutes on each side and drizzled with honey and cinnamon and they were a delicious way to enjoy dessert. I feel great this week getting back into a healthy routine and I’m determined to continue 🙂

Random side note, for some reason I have always been afraid of cottage cheese.  If I’m honest, I had never tried it but the thought of it freaked me out for some reason.  I’ve been struggling with trying to get protein based snacks in and I knew the dreaded cottage cheese would be a great source, so I bit the bullet this week:

Insert scary jaws music

Insert scary jaws music

Verdict, I like it!  Nerd that I am, I researched ways to eat it first and what tastes best and there are so many ideas out there!  Savory sounded better than sweet to me to start with and so far I have enjoyed with tomato chunks and sliced cucumbers, both of which I liked.  Tomorrow I will try with pineapple or peaches and see how that goes.  Yay for trying new things!


One response to “80 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  1. LoseItBig says:

    Good luck on you challenge. Sometimes it takes a fun challenge like this to bring back achievable goals.

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