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Letting Go of the Little Things Hurts the Big Picture

on June 24, 2013

There are lots of reasons I stopped blogging for a while, but the title of this post pretty much sums up the result.  Over the past three months I have experienced SEVERAL triumphs, so it hasn’t been all bad, but I’ve let go of a lot of the little things I used to do and it is hurting my fitness and my physical health.  Emotionally and socially I am doing great, but the balance is starting to tip because my performance and fitness are not where I hoped/wanted/thought they would be in the summer months, which is June, which, newsflash, is NOW.

I have a lot to go back and rehash from the spring, and I will during the next week.  I ran the marathon, and my PR list (that I have been updating) is the spoiler alert, but I’d like to flesh it out for my own memories.  I completed my first triathlon, and boy was that an experience.  I had a great spring race wise, but in other areas, not so much.  Since it is June and I wanted to do this at least semi-annually, I’d like to jump back on the train by going back to my annual goals and seeing where I stand:

  1. Run 1,000 Tracked Miles in 2013. Currently sitting at 421.7….Mileage really dropped off after the marathon and I’ve got a LONG way to go.
  2. PR in the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k Distances.  CHECK, Check, Check, Check.  🙂  More deets to come on these!
  3. Eat MORE Fresh Fruit and Veggies.  Holding on pretty well on this one, but I can always improve, especially at breakfast!
  4. Take a Class in Something New.  Yikes, haven’t done this yet.  Is it silly that this seems like it will take a lot of courage?
  5. Be Green-er.  Failing miserably.  Haven’t been using my fabric bags or my produce bags!
  6. Sign Up for a Triathlon!  Done AND completed!  Details to follow of course!
  7. Purge Unnecessary Crap.  Ongoing process, but not doing too bad! Recently cleaned out of office!
  8. Stick to Weekly Budgets.  Holding this one down, but I never downloaded an app.  Still old fashioned paper and pen.

I’m pretty happy with this list!  I need to do something new for myself for sure, so I need to get serious about that.  There is no excuse for the green resolution, that one should be easy.

Little things I’d like to get back into doing this month and into July:

  • ALWAYS packing and planning my lunch and snacks
  • Being active whenever possible, including breaks and lunch breaks at work and in the mornings before work
  • Weight lifting consistently, have to do it!
  • Weighing regularly
  • Posting here, in a non-pressure doing it for myself not on a schedule sort of way

Be back later in the week with some important race recaps and usual things I used to post, including my current training and race schedule!  Happy Summer!

Summer is for beach running

Summer is for beach running


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