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How the Treadmill….Helped My Running???!

on March 7, 2013

This post is blowing my own mind, but first, Tuesday night’s dinner.  It was delicious as leftovers for lunch yesterday too!

Baked Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with BBQ Sauce and Provolone with Asparagus and Red Potatoes

Baked Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with BBQ Sauce and Provolone with Asparagus and Red Potatoes

This meal was super easy to make and satisfying.  It packs a lot of flavor punch while keeping the calories in check.  We use boneless skinless chicken breasts, slices of ultra thin provolone cheese, and turkey bacon.  Potatoes and Asparagus are both roasted in a bit of olive oil and salt.  Easy peasy!

Anyway, what I’m about to say is something I never imagined saying out loud in print…EVER.  It’s like when my sister and Mom claim that I said I never wanted to run another marathon right after I crossed the finish line last year….did I really say that?!   You can definitely quote me on this one….the treadmill has VASTLY improved my running this training season.  My dear dear frenemy the DREADMILL has become a close buddy of mine.  How this has happened I’ll never know, but I’m glad we are friends now.  I wouldn’t even mind inviting one into my home in the future….wishful thinking!  Here are some ways I think FOR ME, the treadmill is helpful:

  1. It helps me pace myself at a more steady speed.  When I used to run long distances, I would start out at a good speed and then fizzle out near the end and run REALLY slow miles.  I was able to maintain a relatively steady pace and average 9:55 per mile for the entire 18 miles + at the 30k a few weekends ago.  I NEVER would have been able to do it last year and I think my treadmill running had a lot to do with that.
  2. Mental toughness.  Because I hated running on one so much, doing longer runs on the treadmill really made me more mentally tough.  Enough said.
  3. Fartlek runs. I do random speed work during my treadmill runs by sprinting the commercials on my iPad shows, which are always random.  They don’t come at regular intervals and aren’t always the same length (25-110 seconds long).  I think this work helped amp up my speed a lot!
  4. The treadmill simply made winter training work for me.  One of my biggest downfalls last year was that I didn’t see the treadmill as an option, especially not for longer runs.  This year I sucked it up and did each scheduled run, even the long ones, on the treadmill if the weather outside was iffy.  I let the sun going down early last year keep me from longer Thursday night runs as well but doing them on the treadmill this year helped my training immensely and also made my Saturday long runs SO much less painful.

Speaking of painful, I’ll be back in the stairwell today at work for another round of working out.  Just in case you were wondering, here is the beautiful stairwell I use for my workout:

Dingy says it all.

Dingy says it all.

At least it is well lit albeit non-natural lighting? There is a bright side to everything….pun intended. Tonight is my very last Thursday night longish run on the treadmill before the marathon and I’m a little sad! I’d like to cheer myself up and start Thursday off right with this picture of my beautiful boy who got his hair did yesterday.



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