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Workout at Work or Anywhere Stairwell Workout

on March 5, 2013

The great thing about stairwells, they are everywhere!  Sometimes after sitting at my desk all morning I just need to move and break a little bit of a sweat at lunch! I only take a half hour for lunch and I tested this one out yesterday and it took around 12 minutes with little to no breaks.  You could stretch it out with a few seconds in between each exercise.  For this workout I used one “flight” of stairs, which is two sets with a landing in the middle.  My set has 12 stairs in each segment for a total of 24 stairs, and it gets me plenty winded!  You could do a longer set if you wanted to lengthen it out and pump up the cardio.  Doing sprints every few exercises keeps the heart rate going throughout!

Stairwell Workout

A few explanations:

  • Step Ups are done by standing on the landing and placing one leg two or three steps up. Each rep involves bringing the opposite leg to that step and then back down for ten reps. Side step ups are the same concept, but standing with your side facing the stairs. One foot goes two or three steps up parallel to the stairs with the other on the bottom, driving through the top foot to bring the bottom even and back down for each rep.
  • I do push-ups on an incline, placing my hands on the top landing of the stairs and my feet three to four stairs down (I’m tall!). Same position for planks with knees to elbows.
  • Dips are done similar to push-ups and planks, only reversed! I sit on the top step, extend my legs down a few steps until comfortable, and dip down keeping my elbows straight behind me.

This workout leaves me a little sweaty, but not so much that I can’t quickly dry off with a paper towel in the bathroom before heading back into work.  I sometimes follow up with a brisk walk around the block.

**Disclaimer, I am definitely not a personal trainer and all exercise programs should be discussed with a doctor before beginning!  I’m just a girl who likes to find creative ways to workout 🙂

Workout: 4 miles (Treadmill) + 20 minutes elliptical + abs



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