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A Not the Weekend Weigh In

on January 30, 2013

First things first, dinner last night was lazy, quick and easy but pretty good!  I had bought a frozen Stouffers Chicken and Rice with Vegetable bake a while back for nights when Ben may or may not be eating at home so I could pop it in the oven or keep frozen if we didn’t need it.  I baked it last night and rode my elliptical/watched Monday’s episode of the Bachelor while I waited for Ben to arrive. Before I went home to cook dinner, I also hit up a 5 mile run during which NONE of the pain from Monday’s run resurfaced and I felt awesome.  I conquered a new bridge I haven’t done before and got to the top at the peak of sunset!  It was beautiful and as much as I wish I had taken a picture, I was too lazy to take my phone out of my armband plus I was trying to pay attention to oncoming traffic.

Chicken and Rice Bake with Side Salad

Chicken and Rice Bake with Side Salad

I followed dinner up with a delicious Navel Orange that was super juicy.  Getting to my weigh-in, which as mentioned yesterday I did not do this past weekend, it went really well!  I weighed in this morning before an early spin class and the scale blessed me with this number:

Gotta paint those toes ASAP

Gotta paint those toes ASAP

This number means I managed to kick 2 more pounds but the downside is that i am .7 lbs away from my Dietbet goal and getting my winnings for the month of January! I still technically have until Thursday night for the final weigh in but I’m not sure if I’ll make it. Again, regardless of the outcome I am just happy to have been motivated by this challenge and lost a few pounds towards my final weight loss goal! The ladies (and guys) were great about posting and sharing motivation and I think this is a great way to lose weight if anyone is interested. I would recommend it and Roni is starting a new game on Thursday if anyone wants to join!

Speaking of challenges, the Chilly Challenge I’ve been participating is also coming to a close on tomorrow.  It has been super fun and motivating and helped me to get outside those nights when I wanted to stay bundled up on my couch!  I’m closing in on 100 miles which will also help me reach my monthly goal, which I’ll talk about more in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone has a lovely day, I’m hitting the gym again tonight for a short run and Body Pump….two a days baby!

Workout: 50 Minute Group Cycle, 3 Mile Run (Treadmill), Body Pump


2 responses to “A Not the Weekend Weigh In

  1. You’ve been ROCKING the #ChillyChallenge! Way to go lady! I’m so glad you are on my team!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much Janine! I’ve had a great time running more miles in January. Thanks so much for hosting and keeping us all motivated during the wintertime 🙂

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