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The Little Things in Life

on January 29, 2013

Last night’s dinner was delish!  It was really simple but I decided we would make Cobb Salads for dinner and it was definitely a good choice.  We cut up fresh romaine, baby spinach, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and topped it with grilled chicken and avocado.  We also had hard boiled eggs and yummy fresh three cheese crusty bread on the side and it was such a satisfying dinner.  I topped mine with a tiny bit of light honey dijon and Ben went with a little oil and balsamic.

Super Filling Salad

Super Filling Salad

After we finished devouring eating our salads, we halved an apple and smeared some crunchy natural peanut butter on it. I had to dash off to class so I was glad there was minimal clean up. Before dinner I went for a run outside and it was the WORST run I can remember for a long time.  I set out to do 5 miles and literally after 2 I wanted to go home.  I have no idea why but I was having mild shin pain, which is something I haven’t had in over a year since I’ve been running so regularly, and my lower back was hurting as well.  I had not run since Thursday which is a long break for me so I know my muscles weren’t over tired or anything.  My run had me thinking introspectively to get through and I thought about a lot of the little things that make a big difference.

Last night my first loop which ended at 2 miles took me past my house.  I wanted to go back so bad but I made myself keep moving forward.  I told myself I would do another small loop to make 3 and go home.  When I got to the turnaround for 3, I went a little further knowing I could do 3.5.  I was near home at 3.5 when I told myself another .5 wouldn’t kill me and I pushed it out to 4.  It’s strange when 10 miles is nothing one day, and 4 is so hard on another, but that is just part of the struggle.  I’m convinced that those last 2 miles last night made me stronger, and it was such a little thing which will make a big difference.

Other little things have come to light lately, like that extra glass or bottle of water instead of reaching for an afternoon soda or choosing to have a comforting cup of tea before bed instead of hitting the kitchen for dessert.  I’ve had it programmed in my brain for so long that dinner is always followed by dessert, but it doesn’t have to be all the time, especially if I’m not even hungry!  I really wasn’t hungry last night so I made the little choice to have a cup of tea, be satisfied, and go to bed.

Enjoying my meals slowly and taking the extra 2 minutes to clear off our dining room table each evening to enjoy our meal together looking at each other is a little thing, but it makes all the difference in how we eat and more importantly, how much we eat and our focus on each other.  We have conversations that might have been missed and learn things about our day that might have gone unspoken to each other.  Not eating in front of the boobtube is a little change I’m so glad we’ve stuck to.

At the end of the day, that extra mile, that glass of water, that cup of tea enjoyed in bed while recapping the day, or those glances and lovely conversation during dinner may not seem so significant or important, but all the little moves and decisions add up to a larger picture.  Without all these little changes, I wouldn’t see a change in me, so I’d like to continue being conscious of them and their impact on my life and health.


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