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‘Cause I’m Wearing My Brand New Shoesssss

on January 9, 2013

My happy running feet got some new kicks last weekend!  My old New Balance 860’s were wearing thin and I knew it was time.  I ran Saturday’s 12 mile training “race” in my old shoes and immediately decided to head out afterward to grab some new shoes.  I buy my shoes at Running Etc., a local running specialty store that fits you individually for your shoes and does whatever it takes to make happy feet and runners!  When I really got serious about running I decided it was important to buy shoes under advisement of people who know better than I do and so far all my experiences there have been great!  Not to mention you can get all sorts of other running goodies when you stop in that you need all in one place.  I tried to take a picture of my bag when I got home because I was excited but Halligan wasn’t having it.  He wanted me to pay more attention to him obviously…



This poor pup must be attention deprived...

This poor pup must be attention deprived…

After I finally got Hal out of the way by sitting him in my lap where he is eternally happy, I snapped a photo of them in all of the white freshy freshness. I couldn’t wait to give them a try!

Saucony Guide 6

Saucony Guide 6

I’m between a neutral and stability shoe with my stride but they always suggest I go with stability since I run longer distances. I have had no problems so far and have never any aches or pains attributed to my shoes!  I decided I wanted to switch back to Saucony,  which was the first shoe I ran in, since I seemed to like them a bit better than the New Balances.  Either way with a full service store that measures your feet, watches you run, asks questions about your habits and preferences and lets you test out shoes on the road or treadmill you can’t go wrong!  These things are massive as I have discovered the best size running shoe for me is a women’s 11 (I typically wear a 9.5 to 10 in regular shoes).  They suggest having the extra space for spreading out during longer runs and not having any toe rubbage.  I agree having been comfortable in this size for running shoes for the past 3 years.

I gave them a try on the treadmill Sunday for an easy 3 mile recovery run and did a 4 miler in them last night and so far so good!  I love running in brand new shoes because they are so cushy and plush compared to my worn ones.  I plan to wear these for the bulk of my training and the marathon if all goes well from here.  I’ll put them to the test with my long run scheduled for this weekend!

Other running loot I plundered on this Running Etc. trip were a new hand held water bottle to use on upcoming long runs during which I’ll need fuel and some GU for upcoming runs as well.  After having too many mishaps with nasty flavors as races I know I need to start buying what I like, which is chocolate outrage!  I am excited to give the relatively new peanut butter flavor a go as well sometime soon!  Finally finishing the post on all my race stuff, I realized how unorganized it all really is!  That stuff is taking over my house…


4 responses to “‘Cause I’m Wearing My Brand New Shoesssss

  1. Lissy says:

    Thanks for sharing! As a beginner, I appreciate learning from the more experienced runner. For the record, I think Halligan made the photos even better, perfect doggy model. 😉

  2. Alyson says:

    Laura, I am loving your blog!! So funny because I just ordered the Saucony Guide 6s (in hot pink 🙂 to replace my old worn out shoes too! The closest running shoe store to where we live is over an hour away so I took a risk ordering them online after much research and knowing that I need stability for my over pronating feet. Luckily, Road Runner Sports has a great 90 exchange policy so we’ll see how they work! I’m starting to seriously train for my first marathon in June. Definitely nervous, but keeping up with your blog is inspiring! I miss you and glad you’re doing so well!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Alyson and that is awesome!!! Finishing a marathon is such a great feeling and I can’t wait to do it again in March! I really think that attitude and mind are half the battle so I know you will do great since you are such a positive person 🙂 I hope the shoes work out well for you, I love them so far. Miss you too and glad you are doing well and staying occupied in the desert!

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