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Weekend Weigh-In

on January 7, 2013

I weighed in Sunday morning on both mediums, the Wii and my new scale. Losses were comparable even though I’m still partial to the Wii since it was a bit less. Wii results:

Don't hate on my Mii

Don’t hate on my Mii

-1.1 pounds from last Saturday for a weight of 153.0:

This is disgustingly blurry...

This is disgustingly blurry…

The new scale had not so similar results from a weight taken last Monday after I ate WAY too much food on New Year’s Eve. Down 2.6 pounds by this scales measurement for a weight of 155.4. I was probably a lot more bloated Monday morning. I had only weighed 157 on this same scale the morning before.

I should probably paint my toes.

I should probably paint my toes.

All in all, I’m happy with that! Less than 4 pounds to go before the end of January to make my Dietbet challenge weight. These pupusas enjoyed Saturday afternoon after my race with friends definitely didn’t help, but they were delicious!

Cheese and Squash Pupusas with Salvadorian Slaw....YUM!

Cheese and Squash Pupusas with Salvadorian Slaw….YUM!

I got new running kicks this weekend so I’ll be back to chat about that as well as a topic I never finished tackling last week, what to do with race stuff!


2 responses to “Weekend Weigh-In

  1. loseitbig says:

    I love the wii fit thing. I quit doing it because they hurt my feeling on the baseline mii picture. I looked like a ball short and fat. My kids had a good laugh at mii. Enjoy your shoes.

  2. Laura says:

    Yeah it used to make mine expand after weighing in when I was overweight too! I still love using it and it seems to be pretty consistent with other scales. I can’t wait to get some miles on them!

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