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Long Run Musings: The Path of Least Resistance

on January 6, 2013

While completing my long run yesterday morning at the Tidewater Striders Distance Series, I had a lot to think about in 12 miles time, especially because of how slow I am haha!  I think of many things while I run including anything from what I’m going to blog about, cook for dinner, wear to random events, or what races I want to sign up for.  My thoughts aren’t always superficial and light though, and yesterday they turned introspective.  There was a point around mile 9 when I started to feel tired and ready to be done.  I had just thrown up in my mouth a mile earlier (Carbboom Strawberry Kiwi gel….NEVER again) and knew I was running on worn out running shoes that were making me tired.  I started to wonder WHY do I do this to myself, and then I stopped and really thought about it.

The conclusion I came to is that even though sometimes it feels like I am putting myself up against a lot of obstacles, mental, physical, monetary, etc, I am taking the path of least resistance.  Every time I choose running a race the next morning and not overindulging in alcohol, or I go to bed early to rest up for a workout I am taking the path of least resistance.  When I choose to eat a salad and fresh fruit over something yummy and fried that I will inevitably feel crappy about later, I am taking the path of least resistance.  When that last difficult mile of a race comes around and I want nothing more than to chug a glass of cold water and sit down, I AM TAKING THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE!

Let me explain.  Although being a runner and making the choice to eat healthily and treat my body right isn’t always easy, and even though people don’t always understand my choices, they are SO much easier than the alternative.  If I heeded to all my impulses and ate all the crappy food only for instant gratification’s sake, or I decided to quit exercising or skip the gym every time I didn’t 100% want to, I’d be leading myself to a place that would have bad consequences and would be a trial of unhappiness and difficult days for me.  I have never let myself go that far, but I know that I could be very overweight, very unhappy, and extremely unhappy if I let myself go there.  I’ve seen it first hand too many times to want to live that life, and although I know everyone can change their lives and they do, I want to choose the path of least resistance by making the right choices from the start.  I don’t want to have to change my life at some crossroads because I realize it has gone to far, I want to be the influence that changes other people’s lives.

I’ve seen something on Pinterest and a few other places that really rings true with me:

Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Maintaining is hard. Choose your hard.

Nothing in life comes easy, and that’s the message I sent to myself Saturday morning while I rocked out 3.4 more miles.  Even though hard work and pushing your body isn’t easy, quitting is never an easier alternative.


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