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Race Recap: Beat the Ball 5k

on January 2, 2013

Breakfast yesterday was a quick English Muffin with some strawberry preserves smeared on it and a banana.  I woke up late and was rushing to get to the Hair of the Dog 5k, my second race for the new year!  I definitely didn’t take a picture of that or lunch, which was a simple bowl of plain tomato soup.  We napped and lounged and did basically nothing all day after my race so nothing to report.  Dinner was a chicken caesar salad with a slice of crusty sour dough bread and a small bowl of black eyed peas to start my new year off with luck!  Please excuse the awful glare on my coffee table 😦

Caesar Salad = Delish

Caesar Salad = Delish

After dinner I used up the rest of my calorie allowance enjoying  a few squares of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt and a cold glass of milk!  Now flashback to my New Year’s Eve race!

Ben and I ran the Beat the Ball 5k along with our friend Emary last year for the first time and REALLY enjoyed it!  We decided last year to make it sort of a tradition and even though Ben had to work this year, Emary and I kept it up for a two year streak!  My friend Lauren joined us as well and we all had a great time running into the new year!

Emary, Myself and Lauren before the race

Emary, Myself and Lauren before the race

The 5k starts at 11:35 and all those who finish before midnight get a special prize, a champagne flute with bubbly cider (and the glory of a sub 25 minute 5k!).  I am definitely not there yet on the sub 25 minute 5k but I still think this is great fun and much better than waking up January 1st hungover and feeling like crap!  I am over those days for the most part and for those that aren’t, you can still totally go out after this race.  You are done at or around midnight and they have showers there for use.  I went straight home, kissed my pooch and went to bed but hey, I could have rallied if I had wanted to!

The race is held on base at Portsmouth Naval Hospital and runs along the waterfront between Portsmouth and Norfolk.  If you don’t finish before midnight (like me!) you get to see fireworks over the water while you are running when midnight strikes.  There is something about being on the course and finishing up with other runners when the new year strikes that makes me so happy and feel so great and reflective about what has past and what is to come.  The finish is by the gym where warm soup, drinks, and fruit await and features a big screen showing Dick Clarke’s New Year’s celebration on TV.

Finish line way before the race

Finish line way before the race

I couldn’t find my armband or headphones while heading out the door to the race so I just ran without and it was actually nice! I used my new Garmin 10 I received for Christmas so I tried to retrieve my splits from there. My final time was 29:58, meeting my goal of just finishing under 30 minutes by only a few seconds! My stomach was killing me after eating WAY too much before this race (did the same thing last year!) and I was just taking it easy. I have a hard time figuring out how to eat for afternoon and evening races. Approximate splits:

Mile 1


Mile 2


Mile 3




Again this is off a bit as my Garmin thought I ran a bit further and my time on my watch was only 29:49.  Still, these numbers are hovering around what is typical for me.  I know I can do better than this for a 5k but I am working on it!  This was a new official PR but it was killed less than 12 hours later at my second race of the new year.  I look forward to focusing on speed work for the first time during this year and making even more improvements to my 5k time!

Workout: Body Pump, Treadmill Run


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