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Weekend Weigh-In & A New Challenge

on December 31, 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve! Before I get to the weigh-in I have a few meals to document and a new obsession to talk about! I love fresh pineapple but I hate cutting one up, or at least I’m usually too lazy to do it. We had so much delicious fresh pineapple in Costa Rica that this new tool was the perfect prescription for my addiction:



I got this for Christmas and will never go without fresh pineapple again! After it cores it it also slices it into chunks if desired and it was fabulous. When I first woke up Saturday morning it was dreary and pouring so I cheered myself up by making a smoothie after cutting up my pineapple. I added a few cubes of ice, 3 oz of plain Chobani greek yogurt, half a frozen banana and a cup of fresh pineapple to the mix.

Smoothie with Pineapple, Banana & Greek Yogurt

Smoothie with Pineapple, Banana & Greek Yogurt

It was pretty delicious and I followed up with an egg white spinach English muffin with cheddar and the best breakfast sausages ever, chicken apple maple!

Best. Sausage. Ever.

Best. Sausage. Ever.

The rain didn’t clear out until late afternoon so my long run didn’t go as planned, but I did manage to get in 7 easy miles before the sun set. Sunday morning’s breakfast was another English muffin with leftover Christmas ham, egg whites, and cheese plus a plain greek and fresh pineapple mix. Dinners this weekend have left some to be desired…but it is time to get moving this week!!!

Sunday Morning Bfast

Sunday Morning Bfast

Getting to the scale, my weight back before vacation and after the Thanksgiving onslaught was 151.0. My post vacation and Christmas weight was…


I’ll definitely take that! A 3.5 pound gain with all the rice I ate was definitely not too shabby. I actually think I lost a pound of that this week but I am starting over in a sense because I bought a new scale! I’ve done some research and although I will continue to track my weight on the Wii Fit as well, I’ve read that it can be somewhat inaccurate, especially because ours is on carpet. My new scale said 157 this morning which I didn’t get discouraged by since I know all scales read different. I’ve also heard that the Wii usually weights lighter than typical scales, so no biggie.

New scale weigh-in

New scale weigh-in

The other main reason I bought this new scale is because I need it for the January challenge I’ve accepted with other readers from Roni’s Weigh with!  The way this is going to work is that all participants put $20 into the pot so to speak, and those who “win” by losing 4% of their total body weight by the end of the month get a share of the pot!  I think it is a fun way to kick some of those last lingering pounds I’m holding on to.  You are required to take a picture of a digital scale so I thought this would work better and be more accurate for the challenge.  By the way how weird is it that I never owned a scale before my Wii?  Don’t answer that.  I can’t wait to see if I am up to the challenge and can have fun doing it!  Initial weigh-ins are still going on and it doesn’t official begin until the 2nd so join up if interested!

I hope everyone has a fun AND safe New Year’s Eve!  I’ll be running into the New Year and a race recap for that will be coming up later in the week.  I’m also running another race at 10:00 AM on New Year’s Day that I haven’t done before so that will be interesting too (I know I”m crazy).  New Year’s resolutions coming atcha tomorrow 🙂


4 responses to “Weekend Weigh-In & A New Challenge

  1. bopspeed says:

    What a great idea to usher in the new year with a run. Have a blast and happy new year to you!

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  3. […] number means I managed to kick 2 more pounds but the downside is that i am .7 lbs away from my Dietbet goal and getting my winnings for the month of January! I still technically have until Thursday […]

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