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Race Recap: Surf n’ Santa 10 Miler

on December 10, 2012

First, our dinner from last night:

Apricot Sage Stuffed Pork Loin Chop with Mixed Veggies and a Petite Sweet Potato

Apricot Sage Stuffed Pork Loin Chop with Mixed Veggies and a Petite Sweet Potato

I have to start by clarifying that I am not responsible for these delicious pork chops, all I did was pop them in the oven for 30 minutes.  Harris Teeter has a new line of “Chef Prepared” meats that are stuffed, flavored, or seasoned in the fresh meat section that you basically just bake and we decided we would give one a go.  We were both really busy with things around the house so it was nice to just throw this in the oven.  I have to say it was super delicious but the nutritional stats weren’t all that great.  There was more fat and sodium than I would have liked  involved but I just had half of a chop and loaded up on veggies instead.  I had to save room for the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies we made later that night!  I had some dough and a few cookies and shipped the rest of the batch off to work with Ben this morning so they aren’t laying around the house to taunt me.  I was in a big hurry this morning and so breakfast was just plain oats with no milk with some low sugar craisins thrown in them.  I desperately wanted some cinnamon but forgot to grab some on the way out.

Plain Oats with Craisins

Plain Oats with Craisins

Now on to the race recap!  I love all of the races that J&A racing puts on, I truly believe they have nailed every aspect of what runners look for in a race and I will continue to run all of their races throughout the year because I am OBSESSED!  The Surf n’ Santa 10 Miler and Frosty’s 5k are no different.  This year’s race was totally different from last year weather wise and it was kind of nice for someone who doesn’t like super cold temps.  It was borderline hot for me at around 55 degrees and humid, but I was pretty comfortable.  Last year it was really cold and extremely windy, so I’ll take it.  The course starts out in front of the Virginia Beach convention center, which is nice because if it IS cold, you can wait inside until close to the start.

Waiting at the start by the convention center.

Waiting at the start by the convention center.

The interesting thing about this race is that the 10 Miler runners and the 5k runners are corralled together based on pace and run together for the entirety of the 5k where the 5ker’s go right to finish and the 10 Milers head back out for 7ish more miles.  This is a little crappy if you are not 100% up to the 10 miles and can’t bear to watch them knowing they are done (me last year!) but if you love the long run there will be no worries for you here.  It is also pretty crowded until they split off but not too bad.  I didn’t mind the corral situation because it meant I got to start with Lauren and her sister Katie who were running the 5k!

Hanging out at the start!

Hanging out at the start!

After mile 3 we headed back out towards the oceanfront for more of the “strip” and the boardwalk. I was feeling pretty great the whole race and felt like it went by quickly. My approximate splits were as follows:

Mile 1


Mile 2


Mile 3


Mile 4


Mile 5


Mile 6


Mile 7


Mile 8


Mile 9


Mile 10


I struggled a bit between miles 6 and 8 but was able to stay under a 10 minute mile and pick it back up a bit at the end to finish. My goal was 1:40 and I was able to come in under that at 1:38:29! It was actually one of those goals you think is pretty optimistic but everything fell into place and I was able to make it happen. My time last year was right at 2 hours so this was a vast improvement and one I am proud of!  I keep having to remind myself that this is my new pace now, and that it is normal for me to be able to run under 10 minute miles for 10 miles but I still have a hard time believing it.  I keep thinking that I will crap out and there is no way I can be running this many miles at that pace but it is happening.  I am still adjusting to maintaining this pace evenly so it will take a lot of work on my part to even out those splits.  The other neat thing about this race is that the finish is inside the convention center, and there are bleachers set up for spectators to sit inside and watch you cross the finish line!  I was feeling good and zoomed right on in there, glad to have gas left at the end!

Not me finishing, but a view of the finish line.

Not me finishing, but a view of the finish line.

Finishers all get a surprise finisher’s item, which was a Samuel Adams Surf n’ Santa pint class that was pretty cute! I forgot to snap a photo of it. The medals are pretty neat as well and double as a bottle opener. Other perks include the long sleeved half zip top that was a pretty blue this year as well as santa hats and sleigh bells for your shoe. I have to admit that the sleigh bells annoy me a lot, and I don’t wear mine. I actually turned up my music so I could drown out everyone’s bell cadence throughout the race. Maybe that makes me a Scrooge??  The fine folks from J&A also have chicken tortilla soup in bread bowls and Sam Adams Winter Lager and a race party with live music waiting at the end.  Worth 10 miles?  DEFINITELY.  I actually have a hard time being satisfied with other races after being spoiled by J&A.



Looking rough after with my beer and bling

Looking rough after with my beer and bling

Can’t wait for their next race in February, the Virginia is for Lovers 14k, which also has an indoor finish!

Workout: 3 miles (road), abs


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