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Weekend Weigh-In & Weekend Fun!

on December 3, 2012

Checking in with my weekly weigh-in and I’m happy to report this number:


This means I am down 1.3 from last week, so I haven’t kicked ALL the weight gained during Thanksgiving week but I am happy to see any minus because I definitely didn’t eat perfectly last week.  These last few weeks of the semester in my graduate program have been killing me and the stress is really weighing me down…no pun intended ;).

With that said, it was a great weekend!  It started with a holiday open house with several vendors for shopping with all the lovely ladies in my family, followed by an awesome family workout Saturday morning!  Ben and I, my parents, my sister and Emary (who is part of our family anyway) went over to Noland trail and all did our own things (walked/ran).  Ben, Emary and I ran the whole trail which was possibly a bad idea considering Ben and I had a race coming up Sunday morning but as my race recap later will tell, it all turned out well (I’ll have to update the PR list!).  We followed up with Panera lunch and I headed home to sit and stare at one of my papers for several hours.  Ben and I had my parents take pictures of us for our Christmas cards and there were some pretty funny bloopers.  I’ll edit this post to add one of my favorites when I get a chance.  We tried to hit the sack relatively early for the race in the AM!

After Sunday’s race there was coffee, a little outlet shopping, and a nap!  We headed to the Ferguson Center for the Arts at my alma mater last night to see Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas performance as a family and it was wonderful!  We squeezed in dinner at Bonefish grill before and I made efforts to eat healthy but didn’t do the best job.  I am still working on making smart choices at restaurants and I’m sure I will post more at length on that topic at some point.  Things are busy for me for the next few days between work and finishing up school assignments but I will try to get the race recap up before Wednesday and start posting again more regularly later in the week.  Happy Monday 🙂


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