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Breakfast…Do It!

on November 29, 2012

It’s the most important meal of the day blah blah blah….but seriously.  Let me take you back to a rumored time when I would roll out of bed late (still typical) and skip breakfast and not eat a bite of anything until noon or after.  This was my routine for several years during Middle School and High School and most of college.  I always had excuses like “I don’t like breakfast food” or “I never have time to eat”, all of which are pardon my french but….bullshit.  As a result of not eating breakfast, I would unconsciously give myself the green flag to eat a bigger lunch and more dinner than necessary and then another snack later on in the evening since I didn’t have that meal in the morning right???? WRONG.  Not so much when I lived at home in high school when I didn’t have much of  a weight or eating problem, but I remember plenty of times in college where I would go to the dining hall for lunch and dinner (having not eaten breakfast) and then go out to dinner again with Ben when he was working the late shift at midnight!  It disgusts me now but at the time I thought absolutely nothing of it.  I cringe to think of the exorbitant amount of calories I was probably consuming then, not to mention I had no sense of routine.

The bottom line is, I truly believe if you eat breakfast, you will eat LESS food during the day overall.  If lunchtime comes and my stomach hasn’t been growling for 3 hours, I am much less likely to eat like it’s my last meal.  I love to eat so mealtime is always a treat for me, but having a balanced breakfast makes it easier on me.  That said, there are SO many good options for breakfast.  I find that what keeps me most full throughout the morning is a breakfast that is mostly protein and a little bit of carbs, but I know that everyone is different.  I go through phases but I have 3 or 4 routine breakfasts that even I can do quickly in the morning since I am still typically running out of the house late.

– Mini Frittatas.  This is one of those things that you read about on Pinterest or other blogs all the time and probably think “wow that’s a great idea” but you never actually do them.  Please give it a try if you like eggs because it is so easy!  This is something we do for a while and then fall off for a bit but we are back on this week and it is great!  The beauty is you make them with whatever veggies, meats, or cheeses you have on hand or prefer and just pop them out of a muffin tin and put them in the fridge to pull out and eat throughout the week!  We use three easy steps to make ours:

1. Saute any necessary vegetables or meats for the frittatas in a little bit of olive oil or the medium of your choice.  This week my frittatas just had spinach and kale but Ben added turkey sausage to his.

2.  Plunk your ingredients down in each of the muffin holes and spread evenly until you’ve used it all up.  I don’t even spray the pan before doing this and my eggs always pop out clean at the end.  Next, fill the holes the rest of the way up with egg!  I use egg-white only in mine so I just buy the big carton of egg whites and pour away.  Ben prefers whole eggs so I usually crack one egg per hole and whip them up and divide between his frittatas.  I then sprinkle whatever cheese I want on top (we often use reduced fat feta).

3.  Pop in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes or so and voila!  I usually check on them a few times but they are done when they are no longer wiggly and if I have doubts I insert a flat knife until it comes out clean.  They pop right out of the tins and I let them cool before placing them in a bag in the fridge to eat throughout the week.

Finished Eggy Goodness

When you are ready to eat, just place one or two on a plate and heat in the microwave until warm, usually for me 15 or 20 seconds.  I like to have with a piece of two of wheat toast and sometimes the addition of jam or a small piece of fresh fruit.  I typically have fruit as a mid-morning snack so just toast and frittata in the early morning for me.

Ben’s Frittata Breakfast!

– Greek Yogurt and fruit!  This is my serious I didn’t do anything to prepare and I gotta grab something while running out of the door breakfast.  I love yogurt but the greek variety has that extra protein that keeps you full throughout the morning.  Everyone has different opinions and preferences as far as brand and flavor goes but I love Chobani Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange, and Pineapple.  You can also buy plain greek and mix in the fresh fruit or toppings of your choice.  Granola (peanut butter varieties are my fave!) is also a welcomed addition.  I know yogurt/granola can often have a lot of added sugar, but you just have to be cautious and look at labels.  Balance, it is all about balance!

– OATMEAL!  As the weather gets colder I can feel my body slipping back into oatmeal territory.  Even if I literally don’t have the 1:30 it takes to cook quick oats I take everything I need with me to work and make it in the microwave after I get here.  My favorite additions to oatmeal are dried cranberries and chunks of apple with LOADS of cinnamon but there are so many delicious combinations out there!

There you have it, at least 3 quick breakfast examples.  I’ve never been a cereal girl so that is not on my list but I do like to eat it as a snack from time to time.  On the weekends when I have more time I like to make different varieties of waffles, pancakes, and occasionally french toast but I try to keep it as healthy as possible, lately using whole wheat flour and other substitutions.  We always have turkey bacon or sausage which is my favorite and eggs with any of these breakfasts.  Breakfast on the weekends are probably my favorite meal ever but I have to make the weekday thing work for me and I really think anyone can do it.

Workout: 4 miles + abs


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