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Weekend Weigh-In Fail and Accountability

on November 28, 2012

Guilty. That is what I feel this morning. Not because as you are about to find out I gained weight this past week, but because I’ve been avoiding broadcasting that fact and getting back to accountability. It’s easy to do right? One bad week and the thought of starting again on “X” day starts creeping in. “I’ll start next week” or “I’ll wait until after Christmas” is simply not good enough. What I saw on the scale this weekend was this:


This isn’t a horrible number, but it means that I gained 2.5 pounds last week and undid all I had worked for the week before. I am still a bit baffled that I managed to gain that much considering I made so many extra efforts to be good on Thanksgiving and not over-do it but what I failed to realize is that I let the stress from the rest of the week unhinge my eating habits ALL WEEK, not just Thursday. What I failed to remember was that Thanksgiving was just one day, and that I needed to pay attention to my habits all week to be successful. Moving on to today. I’ve still been slacking this week, discouraged by the number on the scale from the weekend. That ends today. I know that having that mentality will only lead to a spiral into the holiday season that would end with a giant guilt trip and extra pounds on January 1. It’s not always easy but I have to be honest and accountable TO MYSELF because I am only cheating one person by not doing so, ME.

December is going to be a crazy month with a much anticipated tropical vacation waiting in the middle plus all the holiday festivities of the month. I am making a resolution to stay accountable this month, not starting December 1st, but TODAY. There is no better day than the one you wake up and realize you are cheating yourself and slipping into unhealthy habits. Back to the grind!

**Since I’ve been MIA this week I do have lots to catch up on. Look for another post this evening or tomorrow morning where I will share my favorite leisurely workout spot in photos.

Workout: Plank Challenge Workout + 60 minutes elliptical


2 responses to “Weekend Weigh-In Fail and Accountability

  1. loseitbig says:

    I agree with you it starts now. I always find myself I will start in the morning or well it’s the weekend. Just do it. I guess Nike was onto something.

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