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My Time With the Trees: Favorite Run

on November 28, 2012

I’ll start with this visual:

Absolutely beautiful in my opinion…..this place, not my horrible iPhone photography LOL.  Let me preface by saying (and this goes for all my photos) that I am NO photographer and all of my pictures are taken with my iPhone 4.  There will be times I will actually bust out my camera and some of those will be here, but the day to day convenience of just using my phone to document my life is so much easier.  I’ve already mentioned the Noland Trail in this post but I wanted to share a bit more about my favorite trail run.  I know where to go when I need some alone time, when I want to go on a beautiful walk or run with a friend or family member, or when I just need a good sweaty run!  The hills are killer and my legs and back end always burn the next day but the addition of hills are excellent for training and something that is not easy to come by in Hampton Roads.

It was a super cold day for a run last Sunday but I needed to get out there and do something.  I actually ended up walking about half of the 5 miles which is something I hardly ever do.  I wanted to be able to snap pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the different trees and their colors instead of seeing them blur by me (as if I’m that fast).

Proof I was there and sweaty :/

SOME of the great things about this run:

1. The trail is clearly marked at each half mile both ways. This is great if you want to unplug and do away with music, garmin, etc. and just listen to the sounds of nature. Side note: I’ve been running this trail forever and saw the most random things this past weekend. A whole group of nuns in their robes (which I have to admit I really wanted to photograph) and this…no words….

Where the hell did this little piggy come from???

2. There are always lots of people and their pets on this trail. It is beautiful and feels like you are in the middle of the woods but safe at the same time. Especially on nice days, I can almost always look behind me or in front and see another walker or runner. The cute dogs people bring along are awesome to see as well 🙂

3.  Convenience.  This trail is very well maintained and includes benches, trash cans, and at least 2 port-a-potties (for emergencies only of course).  I like that I can start with a bottle of water and toss it when I’m finished in one of the trash cans along the trail.

4.  The fact that it is a perfect loop is great for training runs.  The actual trail is 5 miles but I like that I can put water/gels etc. on the hood of my car and stop and grab them on my way back in for my second loop.  I don’t always need to do a full 10 miles (especially with those hills!) but I will sometimes do 8 or so by going back in 1.5 and heading back out to finish.

5.  BEAUTY!  This has to be the most important advantage of this run.  It can get really boring running on city streets or God forbid…the DREADMILL and this place is just what the doctor ordered.  There are little signs, a few statues, and bridges along the way that also keep things interesting and serve as visual landmarks to me of how far I have to go.

Where’s Waldo?

If you’ve never been to Noland Trail, please take it upon yourself to visit sometime soon.  Take your family, your sweetheart, your pup, and have a blast!  It is so relaxing and a great way to start a morning or end a leisurely afternoon.  There is also a great place for picnics or throwing around a football on the James River off part of the trail that can’t be ignored.  I can’t say I’ve ever left this place feeling like I wasted an hour or more of my time and I promise you won’t either 🙂


2 responses to “My Time With the Trees: Favorite Run

  1. Emary says:

    Where DID that pig come from?…Gotta love the Nolan lol. Awesome post friend!

    • Laura says:

      It was so wasn’t like I was near a trail head either it was like mile 2. Little guy was just chillin off on one of the side paths and it scared me! I wanted to get closer but I was afraid he was a wild hog or something but then I rationalized and came to the conclusion he was just a little pink pig. Still strange and I wouldn’t get close LOL.

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