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Thanksgiving & Turkey Trot 10k Race Recap

on November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday everyone!  Hope Thanksgiving was everything you wanted it to be and more!  I got to spend time with friends and family all day!  Add in a new PR in the 10k and the Redskins beat the Cowboys and it was a FABULOUS day!  I managed to stick to my eating strategy for the most part and I’m not feeling gross at all today, but I am ready to get a good sweaty workout this evening.  We also had a huge group go for a walk after lunch which I was super excited about!  The scale will tell the real tale on Sunday on how I did this week but I’m really not sweating it.

I woke up a little late yesterday and rolled out of bed to get dressed for the Turkey Trot.  I knew it would be mid 50’s so I tried not to overdress despite the cooler temperatures when we were headed out.  Ben and my friend Lauren and I zoomed over to the race site and grabbed our chips and were ready to go!  I’m not sure on the numbers but the race seemed to have ballooned in popularity from last year and there were tons of people there!  I think Turkey Trots are just all the rage right now and I think it is great that people are getting out and working for the turkey collectively!  The first mile was really packed since there are no corrals but I was able to navigate successfully to find a comfortable spot.  I knew I was flying along when I got to mile 1 and Ben was still within touching distance of me.  My splits went approximately like this:

Mile 1 8:56
Mile 2 9:10
Mile 3 9:00
Mile 4 9:23
Mile 5 9:16
Mile 6 9:27

I’m trying to get to a point where I can do negative splits, but I’m just not there yet.  I think I’m still starting off faster than I should and then burning out a bit, but it was interesting that I did a lot of up and down here in this race pace wise.  I knew I could PR by mile 3 and pushed a little more to come in for my first sub-hour 10k (58:55)!  I know it’s not much but I’ve been working for it for a long time and I wasn’t sure I could make it happen after my so-close-but-not-quite showing at Wicked in October.  I finished 66th of 141 in my age bracket and I am pretty happy with that!

Sweaty Post Race Posing with Ben

The course is always well marked and the Tidewater Striders folks always do a great job of running an organized race.  I am hoping I can continue doing this race each year and make it a tradition no matter what I have going on.  I’m so glad that Ben and Lauren joined me and I can’t wait to keep bugging people to run with me for years to come!  Turkey Trots are a great way to be active on Thanksgiving and feel a little less guilty for indulging in all that delicious food!

Don’t Mind the Movember Mustasche

Almost Got Run Over While Being Excited About Taking the Photo by this Pretty Tree

I’ll be back with my Weekend Weigh In after Sunday as well as a recap on some pretty awesome things going on this weekend like one of my favorite training runs of fall and CHRISTMAS DECORATING!!


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