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Weekend Weigh-In

on November 18, 2012

So here’s the thing….I debated posting weigh-ins for a while, but if I want to go 100% with the accountability and really stick to what I’m preaching I feel like I have to!  I was really successful this week to so Ican start off posting this with confidence.  Do I think there will be weeks when I am not proud of what I have to post?  Absolutely.  Will people be critical about how much I weigh/lose/gain?  Definitely, whether they voice that opinion or not.  The point is, I am willing to make myself venerable with the hope that I can inspire others to stay accountable to themselves by weighing in.  So without further ado…
Starting Weight (10/2010): 175

Current Weight: 151.0

Goal Weight: 145

Even though I am super close to my goal weight FINALLY, I think it is important to do this for myself because these last few pounds have been the hardest of all.  Also, while on this topic, I’d like to point out that I definitely don’t think the number on the scale says it all, or that it is necessary for everyone to weigh in every week or at all.  It all depends on what your personal goals are, and if that means just getting more toned or building muscle mass, you probably don’t care about the number.  I’m sure once I do reach my goal my feelings on the scale will change, but it is always a good indicator of how you are doing eating wise and how healthy and happy your body is.  I’ll be posting more in depth about my thoughts on weight loss and my personal weight loss with photos when time allows.  This afternoon, mounds of homework are calling as is food prep for the week.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for a weekend recap and a Fun Family Workout post!

Workout: Fast Treadmill Mile and Body Pump (AM), 5 miles (road)


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