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TGIF, Night Runs and Upcoming Features

on November 16, 2012

Let’s all be real, almost everyone I know lives for the weekend.  Even though Friday is technically still a workday and we basically have to be busy at work, we are all thinking about our plans and counting down the hours till we can (insert more enjoyable activities than work here).  As one of my coworkers has always said since I’ve been working here, “It’s almost beer-thirty”.  Amen.  Anywho, last night’s dinner looked like this:

I was flying solo again and basically  just raided the fridge/pantry for whatever I was craving, and last night it was Mexican.  My night run (they are all basically in the dark now except for weekends) was cold and ended up very wet as well.  I set out to do 6 miles and even though a steady cold rain started at mile 1.5, I convinced myself it was refreshing and toughed it out to 6.  I was well dressed and covered so I just had to make sure and change out of my soaking cold clothes immediately upon getting home.  This helped warm me up as my evening treat:

Running at night is a challenge and can definitely be scary or unnerving.  I was talking with my amazing friend Emary about this yesterday since it is so easy to let the fear and doubt about night running keep us inside, or on the treadmill.  Again, my feelings on the DREADMILL here, but it works for many and I can definitely use it in a pinch.  That said, I’d rather be outside and find that my runs are more productive out there.  These things are mostly no-brainers but here’s what I do or need to be doing (some of these things I need to acquire) to run safely in low light and feel more comfortable about going out:

-First of all, wear white/light/reflective clothing.  There is no need to be rolling out looking like a burglar or trying to channel the invisible man by blending in as much as possible.  Better yet, buy a strobe that says “I mean business while running but I’m here to party” and strap that bad boy on so people can see you party rocking for miles.  Yeah I know that was exaggerated, but I probably should buy one, can’t hurt!

– Be aware of your surroundings at all times and IF you must listen to music, (GUILTY) keep it down low.  It’s usually quiet enough out anyway, who/what are you trying to drown out with that noise?  Sometimes it’s nice to listen to your own thoughts and night sounds, sometimes not…especially if you live in P-town 😉

– RUN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD!  And by right, I mean the left!  I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when I see runners who are on the road, not the sidewalk, and running with traffic.  You people give runners a bad name.  Recipe for disaster, you’ve been warned! (One day I’ll get into my cycling rant about cyclists who bike against traffic!)

– Bring a lifeline.  I always run with my phone when I run alone.  I’ve carried it in various different fashions but I always have it.  Also, check in with someone who you speak with frequently and let them know your route and the expected amount of time you’ll be out.  I usually yell to Ben that I’m going around xyz for 45 minutes and if I’m not back in an hour I’m probably roadkill, so come scoop me up.

– This one is probably open to debate, but I ALWAYS carry mace when I run alone.  It gives me peace of mind to know that I can spray the living daylights out of anyone that tries to get up on me, and as much as I hate to even think about having to do it, it could come in handy with an aggressive dog.  I am such an animal lover and it breaks my heart to think of doing it, but if it is me v. dog bite, the dog is getting a squirt.

– Finally, run in well traveled or populated areas.  It may sound counter intuitive since well traveled = more cars, but as long as you are well advertised out there, you’ll be fine.  After dark ain’t the time to explore the back roads on foot y’all…

Again these things are all obvious but a good reminder that we can get out there and enjoy the night!  Looking forward to a family workout this weekend (which I’ll talk more about next week) as well as other fun activities including but not limited to bridesmaid duties for the sweetest ever couple’s wedding, family time, Thanksgiving food prep, BREAKING DAWN and relaxation 🙂  Features to look forward to in the future and coming weeks will include Weekend Weigh-Ins, Inspiration of the Week, Fun Family Workouts, some awesome recipe make-overs I’m working on, Monthly Goals, and of course, Race Recaps.

Workout: CX Works (Core Class), 3 mile run (road), Plank Challenge Time Trial


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