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Fitting in the Run

on November 15, 2012

First things first, last night’s dinner was awesome!  I was super hungry from all the running I’ve done this week but the portion size was perfect and the meal was super satisfying.  Ben was gracious enough to have it ready for us when I got home so I didn’t have to begin cooking at 8:45 when I got home from class…although this meant I was stuck with dish duty!  Anyway, we had light General Tsao’s Chicken with white rice and steamed broccoli.  I found the recipe, which originally came from Weight Watchers on Pinterest and was really impressed with how it turned out.

Last night after working all day, sitting in class for almost 3 hours and coming home to a warm house and hot meal, the LAST thing I wanted to do was go outside in what is super cold (to me anyway) and run 4 miles, but I knew I had to do it.  Many people have challenging schedules, as mine often is lately and it is easy to neglect the workouts that inevitably make us feel better, sleep better, and for me stay more focused in other areas of life.  I really had to push to get out the door but once I made it out there and started going the rest was easy!  It was really great that Ben (and Halligan for the first mile!) joined me since it was pretty dark and getting late.  Ben is currently working on a 21 day Fire Service Warrior cycle that is meant to get him back on track and focused on his personal and professional development.  I am proud of him for taking the initiative and encouraging others at his station to do the same and the added bonus is that he is running with me!

In the past I’ve been very guilty of using the excuse that I just don’t have time to run/bike/workout because I am too busy and need to hurry up and get to bed, but lately I’ve found that just getting out there and doing it is much more beneficial.  Sure it isn’t that easy, but it is worth it when it’s over.  I know I would have hated the feeling I’d have gotten this morning if I didn’t go out and do that run, but instead I went to bed satisfied and proud of myself and woke up happy and ready to tackle another day.  Here are some things that have worked for me to get the run, or workout in with a busy schedule:

– I’ll start with the hardest one for me: working out BEFORE work.  For me this means waking up at 5, which I know isn’t early for some, eating breakfast and zooming to the gym to jump on the treadmill/bike or into a fitness class to get the workout out of the way.  I find that fitness classes are the easiest to do in the morning since it requires little thought and motivation, you just get in there and follow instructions.  There is also the peer pressure of not doing things halfway in a group setting.  Doing the morning thing also requires packing everything I need for work, lunch and school the night before and improvising sometimes (can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to dry off at the gym with mini gross gym towels :/ ) but I am always energized on the days I do this and feel ready to tackle the day at work.  All I have to do is roll out of bed..easy right…?

– Working out AT work.  For some this just isn’t feasible and I really should be one of those people, but I definitely do it from time to time when I know I’ve splurged a bit and need to make up some calories.  My office is very formal so I am usually wearing suits, dresses, panty hose, slacks, heels, the WHOLE get up, but I still make this work.  When the weather is nice I bring flat, comfortable shoes and go for a 2ish mile walk briskly around my office.  Bear in mind my lunch break is only 30 minutes, but it is possible to do something during that time.  There are other days when I just need to get away from my desk that my coworkers can find me in our stairwell doing steps since we are on the 5th floor of our building.  This is a bit sweatier endeavor, but I just freshen up before coming back into the office.  Some people actually have a real opportunity to go and workout during a break at work and come back, and I SO envy them, but I just go to show that even a minimal amount of working out at work can be done under most circumstances.

– Run or bike to wherever you can!  People think I am cray when I show up to family gatherings or events red and sweaty in my running gear or windblown from riding by bike but seriously, what better way to save gas and burn some calories if you are only going a few miles down the road?  Granted I definitely don’t live in the most pedestrian/bike friendly area, but I follow safety rules and do it anyway.  In the summer I make a point to do this whenever I can and have even braved it in December and January.  If I didn’t have to cross the water via tunnel I would probably bike to work on occasion as well.  Still waiting on someone to follow up on my bike tunnel proposal….geeze!

– Last but not least, just squeeze it in there!  Anywhere you can, anytime you have half an hour or so.  People probably think I am gross but when I have 30-45 minutes between work and class, I go to where my class is, change, and run 2 or 3 miles before it is time to start.  This usually means rolling in 5 minutes until class time red in the face and sweaty (hopefully not offensively smelly 😦 ) but I do it anyway.  If that 30 minutes is the only time I’m going to have, I am going to make it happen.  I’ve also been known to be a total hobo and use every gym my membership covers in Hampton Roads to shower and get ready for events or things I have to do wherever I am.  Again, not always easy to do but with a little orchestration and planning it can eliminate those excuses we all use to skip runs or workouts.

Hope these personal anecdotes are helpful to some or at least spark some ideas about how to fit in runs or workouts of any kind into our way too busy schedules.  It is so important that we make it a priority as it spills over into so many other aspects of our lives, just like NOT working out spills over in negative….and literal ways, muffin top anyone?  Okay…sorry for that one 😉

Workout: Body Pump, AM; 6 mile run (road) PM


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