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Shamrock Training Day 1 and Getting Back on Track

on November 13, 2012

Yesterday was officially day 1 of my training schedule for the Shamrock Full.  26.2 miles is certainly a long journey and the 3 miles I did last night seem so miniscule compared to what is to come but I know that sticking to the schedule and doing AT LEAST the required amounts will lead to success.  Ben ran with me for the first time in forever and it was still depressing.  For someone who NEVER trains, he is still a lot faster and I have to work a lot harder than he does to keep up.  Does this discourage my training?  No!  But it can be a frustrating but good motivator to get faster…whatever works.  There is going to be A LOT of running taking place this week for the Pile on the Miles Challenge since I was seriously slacking last week and I need to make up for lost ground.  I realized after last week that not running because I am stressed about other things (i.e. work and term papers/assignments out of the ass) only makes me more stressed and essentially, a raging B!  20 miles will be my minimum but I am hoping for 25 or gasp…even closer to 30 before Sunday rolls around.
In other news I’ve realized that I have to start weight training again so I made the extra effort to get up and go to Body Pump this morning and man did I need that!  I struggled a bit and really needed to back off on the weights but I am so glad I went and put in the work.
More pictures/features on the site including my race schedule forthcoming.

Workout: Fast Mile Run (Treadmill); Body Pump

Evening Run, 3 miles (Treadmill)


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